SAP Business One Hana

Accelerate the pace of innovation with SAP HANA – an in-memory platform that runs analytics applications smarter, business processes faster, and data infrastructures simpler…SAP HANA is the foundation for all your data needs, removing the burden of maintaining separated legacy systems and siloed data, so you can run simple in this new digital economy.
SAP Business One Hana

SAP Business One Version for Hana

SAP HANA has specially been designed to meet an enterprise’s analytics requirements. It gives real-time access to your business information, displays interactive reports and presents accurate analysis of your data. SAP HANA will give you instant access to key information, helping you leverage the power of embedded analytics. SAP HANA has mainly been designed to meet an enterprise’s analytics requirements. It gives real-time access to your business information, displays interactive reports and presents an accurate analysis of your data. SAP HANA will provide you with instant access to vital information, helping you leverage the power of embedded analytics. With the support of this solution, enterprises can run business faster at affordable costs. eNoah offers you an excellent platform to upgrade your organization’s SAP Business One solution with SAP HANA.

Benefits of SAP Business One Hana

  • SAP HANA will fulfill your analytics needs without the requirement of spending on third-party software. It is an all-in-one solution which has ERP, reporting and analytics together to cater to all your business needs.
  • SAP HANA comes with in-memory computing technology that analyzes a vast amount of data within no time, managing transactions, data processing and analytics all together. It will help you to reduce the time between insight and action by giving a real-time analysis.
  • SAP HANA gives instant answers to all your questions and provides fast search results, displaying required information within seconds and fueling prompt and better decisions.
  • It helps you to run reports quickly, gives real-time and in-depth analysis, providing you insights and enabling you to explore them.
  • It will change the way you analyze big data through its advanced analytics, assisting you in taking productive decisions, enhancing business performance and increasing revenues.
  • It will help you in organizing the data warehouse into an in-memory data fabric, accelerating speed and giving power to the capability, development and growth of your business and eliminating the need of preparing and migrating data.
  • SAP HANA gives agility to your business, manages all your processes in real-time, provides scalability, enables easy handling of your data, helps execute plans efficiently and simplifies business interactions.
  • SAP HANA’s intuitive & powerful dashboards, real-time reporting and embedded analytics will give you up-to-date information quickly and real-time visibility into all your business processes, thus making your business a real-time enterprise.
  • Access the information needed to make decisions more expeditious than ever
  • Search and explore more information before making decisions
  • Utilize enterprise search to find information and navigate the system more expeditious
  • Benefits of accumulated performance of transactional activities
  • Users can do more analytics without taking help of IT persons
  • Leverage familiar MS excel reports and analysis

Th eNoah Advantage

eNoah has good success stories of implementing large and complex implementations on Business One for Hana. eNoah fulfills your SAP HANA’s end-to-end implementation needs by using its expertise and proven-methodologies.
  • Our world-class SAP HANA services include configuration, deployment, training, support & maintenance, upgrading and migration services, tailored to your unique business requirements.
  • Our SAP consultants are proficient, hold rich experience and have the ability to understand clients’ business needs and processes, helping them convert their requirements into effective use of SAP HANA’s functionality to increase their bottom-line.
  • We will help you to leverage the full potential of SAP HANA and its in-memory technology to help you take faster decisions and streamline & enhance business performance.
  • Our SAP HANA Cloud services will save you from making up-front capital investment and provide you access to your business information through a pay-as-you-go model.
  • Our on-going support will ensure timely resolution of all your SAP HANA issues, 24/7.

eNoah Success Stories

Leading Telemarketing/Online Shopping  Company
  • Successfully implemented SAP Business One version for Hana
  • CRM integration using IF & Service Layer
Wholesale Trading Company in Singapore
  • SAP Business One version for Hana implementation for one of the leading wholesale distributor of electrical appliances, television and radio sets