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Commission Management Services

Insurance Commission Management Services

Our experts work closely with you to develop streamlined, effective processes that meet your unique needs. Our goal is to help you unlock value through the adoption of industry best practices without disrupting your corporate culture.

eNoah offers a full suite of Insurance Commission Management Services, including:

  • Commission Build-Out & Reconciliation: Our experts set up configurations that ensure accurate reporting through Agency Integrator, Smart Office, or One HQ.
  • Commission Support Services
  • Commission Reporting

Commission Build-Out & Reconciliation

Our experts set up agency hierarchies, schedules, carrier and product information, and other configurations to ensure that we generate accurate reporting through Agency Integrator, Smart Office, or One HQ. We also help maintain the module with updates and troubleshooting. Whenever there are new products, we can configure and maintain them to keep your operations running smoothly. We provide reconciliation reporting weekly, monthly, and ad-hoc according to your needs.

commission support services

Commission Support Services

We deliver:

  • Accurate payments and statements to your agents, sales VPs, and sub-BGAs
  • Accurate accounting of commissions due to your BGA
  • Building and maintenance of AI, SO, HQ, and other commission modules
  • Concise commission statements

eNoah addresses industry challenges


Statement Archiving

Improved Process Efficiency

Scrubbing/Data Cleansing

Process Automation


CRM Management



Familiarity with Latest Software Tools and Methods

One HQ

Commission Management Services – Process Flow

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1. Data Gathering

  • List of carriers from which the statements need to be downloaded & their log in credentials
  • List of all the agency codes required to download the statements from the carrier website
  • Mail IDs of all the points of contact on the carrier side from whom the statements will be received
  • Grids like Carrier Master, IMO Master & Agent Level grid should be in place to calculate the exact compensation
  • Mode in which the statements will be received (Carrier website, Office 365, FTP, ShareFile/Dropbox)
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2. Statement Management & Compiling

  • eNoah extracts the statements through required mode, including all agent/agency codes provided
  • Statements are converted into client’s preferred format
  • Policy details from all carriers can be consolidated into a single sheet to create the commissions summary (as per client need)
  • Based on the Master Grid (Carrier/IMO) received, the compensation is calculated based on the carrier, product, type & commission level for each agent/agency
  • First year compensation, renewals & overrides are determined and labeled as such
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3. CRM/Template Handling

  • We can mirror your existing accounting functions, and assist with finding inefficiencies involved in the existing system/template
  • Build a consolidated database consisting of the latest agent details, payment transactions, calculation slabs, sales records, etc. and generate periodic reports
  • Help you maintain your commission’s management system by transforming hard copy documents with large data sets into proper digital format
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4. Commission Reporting & Status Update:

  • Daily status update reports can be provided
  • Process steps will be added or modified as per client need
  • Full process workflow documentation is provided once process implementation and piloting is complete
  • Exception Report

Why Outsource Commission Management to eNoah?

eNoah’s commission management services leverage eDS Automation tool and EETL Methodology.

Industry Pain Points/Concerns

  • Carrier doesn’t provide access to integrate their website with other third-party applications
  • Data extracted from carrier website needs to be cleansed/scrubbed before it can be updated into the CRM/SO/AI/Excel Dashboard
  • Data format differs from carrier to carrier (PDF, .Xls, CSV, .TXT)
  • Manual excel scrubbing consumes more time for the user to do the math & conditional formatting
  • Agents have different sets of instructions that need to be followed before approving their agent payouts

EETL Methodology

We follow the EETL (Explore-Extraction-Transformation-Loading) method to manually process data. EETL is carried out with specialized tools that help us extract data from various database sources, clean it, and transform it for storage in client databases.

EETL-Methodology - Commission Management

eDS Data Scrubbing Tool

The commissions team uses this app to login to the app and upload the statements that need to be scrubbed. The output report extracted from the tool will be uploaded into the in-house/external CRM.

Advantages of using an eDS Tool

Reduce Cycle Time

Quick Turn around time

Reduce Cost

Cost Reduction

quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Improved Cash flow

On-time compensation pay outs

Improved Process Efficiency

Improved Process Efficiency


eDS Tool Process Flow

  • Statements downloaded from Carrier Website (Raw Dump)
  • eDS Processing
  • Cleansed data that best suits client needs

Commission Accounting & Reporting

eNoah has developed a commission accounting system designed specifically to support the hierarchies and workflow of an IMO. Coupled with resources to setup the commission schedules and hierarchies.

eNoah Saves You Time & $$$! An Extension of Your Team

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