Job: Records Review Analyst

Job Description

As Record Review Analyst, you will report to the Operations Manager and be responsible for the quality review, sorting, and distribution of receipted records on a daily basis. You are responsible for ensuring that the records received are for the correct patient (minimum of 2 patient identifiers), within the dates of service requested, from the correct doctor/facility, and are complete and legible. If records are incomplete in any way, you will escalate to the team for further direction. For each record received, a clear/concise status note must be added to the system in addition to closing the case and exporting records to the appropriate parties. Records received must be quality reviewed the same business day as received.

Primary Responsibilities Include:
  • Review each page of every medical record chart to ensure it belongs to the correct patient by verifying 2 patient identifiers (DOB, SSN, etc.)
  • Review the dates of service in the chart received to ensure that it is within the requested dates of service (1 DOS must have re-verification this is all the facility has on the patient)
  • Quality review all pages of the chart to ensure they are legible
  • Review the chart to ensure there are no missing pages
  • Ensure that the records were received from the correct doctor/facility
  • Sort and export records according to client specifications
  • Add clear/concise status notes to case management system when records are received
  • Responsible for closing the case in case management system
  • Ensure all records are worked the same day received
  • Attention to Detail and Highly Dependable

Job Information

Formal Qualification :

  • Strong collaboration skills
  • Strong PC Knowledge skill set
  • Resides in Waco, TX or the surrounding area.

Pay: $12.00 per hour
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Experience : 3

No.of Positions : 1

Job Type : Full-time

Duration : Full Time - Day shift (Monday to Friday)

Technical Skills :

Location : US Based - Waco, TX

Contact : *Submit resume through LinkedIn or direct to Senior Director of Underwriting and Data Abstraction Services,
Coleen Moser, at

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