About Us

Why eNoah?

eNoah is a reputed global industry leader offering cutting-edge BPO and IT solutions worldwide. We provide best-in-class support services to Fortune 500 companies in the Integrated Health, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Automotive domains.

With strong domain focus, our uniquely designed solutions are vertically integrated and delivered through a client-intensive relationship-based global delivery model.

eNoah is ISO 27001-certified and HIPAA compliant. We enjoy repeating business from every one of our clients due to our uncompromising focus on complete client satisfaction. We achieve this through rigorously high standards for team expertise, emphasis on consistent quality, and strict adherence to punctual delivery schedules. eNoah’s mature and established service delivery setup helps clients pilot business and IT processes with a focus on metrics-driven outcomes that exceed customer SLAs.

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • ISO 27001 Certified

  • GLBA Compliance

  • 13+ Years of Experience

  • 1300+ Employees

  • 20+ Industry Specific Products & Solutions

  • 6 Countries Around the Globe

  • 15+ Fortune 500 Companies Served

Our Logo

Our Vision

  • To clearly reflect our core philosophy of traditional values, progressive ideas, and positive result-oriented action in our day-to-day operations, project implementations and industry  interactions
  • To keep our slogan “eNhancing Customer eXperience” as the ultimate driving force in all corporate activities
  • To continuously set the bar high for ourselves as a comprehensive customer-centric IT Solutions and business process improvement provider excelling in quality, reliability, and delivery
  • To support our client base in achieving phenomenal business transformation by utilizing all our resources to save them time and money
  • To provide an inspiring environment for all eNoah employees by setting benchmarks in employee care and corporate governance
  • To involve all our employees in community service projects that promote positive team-building spirit and simultaneously serve the communities where we are located
Our Vision
Our Mission

Our Mission

  • To consolidate our position as the Global IT & BPO service provider of choice
  • To cater to the entire breadth and spectrum of every client requirement, always striving to surpass expectations in quality and delivery
  • To increase our client’s value proposition in the market by reducing cost, enhancing visibility and improving efficiency

Our Culture

eNoah’s culture reflects the solid ethics and principles of the most established, respected IT and BPO companies worldwide. We are committed to accuracy, honesty, clear vision, superior solution-driven outcomes, delivering on our promises, and providing quality service with a smile.

What makes eNoah stand apart?

What distinguishes us from the crowd is that we consciously strive to form true partnerships with our customers through our reliable work ethic. You see, it’s not just about us and our identity. It’s about you – our valued client – every step of the way.This client-centric approach propels us to prioritize and understand your needs, execute them with consistent success, and surpass your expectations on every project.

This intrinsic culture of putting the client “first and always” sets us apart from ego-driven companies looking to ‘get more business’ for themselves rather than invest in enhancing the entire transactional experience.

eNoah’s culture is based on the following key ethical principles:

  • Uncompromising integrity, transparency & maintaining our stellar industry reputation
  • Being an equal opportunity provider – we believe in diversity, inclusiveness and fair treatment to all employees
  • Flexibility and speedy response to meet the changing demands of new technologies for our customers/clients
  • Continuous self-evaluation and ongoing enhancements to improve business process efficiency
  • Incorporating best-in-class business processes practiced globally
  • Keeping the empowerment cycle in continuous play – our executive management team empowers our employees with the best infrastructure support. Our expert teams in turn, provide extraordinary service to our clients. This enables the clients’ business to grow and generates positive feedback. Management passes on the rewards to our teams, motivating them to maintain and continuously improve existing quality client service standards. This leads to increased satisfaction and loyal relationship building.

Our Proposition

  • eNoah is a trusted partner who takes on and successfully fulfills the responsibility of providing improved risk mitigation, assured business continuity, minimal downtime, and secure integrity of customer data.
  • eNoah is committed to building an ongoing relationship with our clients and delivering value-added IT & BPO solutions backed by flexible and cost-effective support plans.
  • eNoah harnesses best-in-class frameworks and tools for quality and process management in the form of effective communication and easy-to-use, cutting-edge tools that respond to customer needs.
  • eNoah offers a full spectrum of solutions which dramatically increase your business revenue. Contact us for your unique IT or BPO needs.
  • eNoah delivers the capacity for a comprehensive service tailored to your exact requirements and provides the IT & ITES capabilities you need from concept to installation to support.
  • eNoah offers the highest grade professional technical skills and resources to empower your business to communicate, compete, and succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Keys to Successful Partnership

Trust & Reliable

Trust & Reliable

Easy to Work

Easy to Work

Strong Technical Skills

Strong Technical Skills

Right Price

Right Price

eNoah Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Secure and Safe

Secure and Safe

eNoah – Trusted Partner for IT & Business Support Services

Deep understanding and experience
Deep understanding and experience of offshore and outsourced operations, with mature transition capabilities
integrated offerings to client in both technology and BPO
Ability to provide integrated offerings to client in both technology and BPO
operations across multiple countries
Experience handling operations across multiple countries in a Shared Service Environment
People-centric HR processes
People-centric HR processes
ISO 27001 Certified
Ability to design and implement processes that meet the standards of SOX and ISO
reliable and scalable infrastructure
An agile organization – reliable and scalable infrastructure & 1uality methodology


From quick response communication to data protection to security to expertise access or availability,  eNoah has all your Infrastructure Setup needs covered. Few companies goes to the extraordinary lengths we do to provide the depth of reliable and ready support services we offer our growing list of happy clients around the globe.

  • Power from two independent feeders at the regional public utility to ensure uninterrupted power supply
  • 100% guaranteed 24/7 backup support from our standby captive power plant so work always proceeds and is completed on schedule
  • Scalable broadband connectivity – high-speed data / voice communication backbone by multiple service providers
  • Optical fiber cable support to manage large volumes of data
  • Provisions for ISDN and video conferencing with unlimited bandwidth
  • Dependable network of best-in-class business processes practiced globally
  • State of the Art access control, security and fire Alarm systems

Our Partners

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