QAD ERP for Packaging IndustryQAD ERP for Packaging Industry

QAD ERP Software for the Packaging Industry

Due to material cost escalation, the Packaging industry faces huge challenges in sustainability, recyclability, and innovations. To be a best-in-class and flexible packaging manufacturer, the company needs a best-in-class ERP system that controls end-to-end business processes.

In a change of customer expectations, regulations, industry trends, and trade conditions, packaging manufacturers must maintain and focus on continuous growth in their business. QAD offers a cloud-based ERP software for the packaging industry to streamline the manufacturing processes and control, track & trace every aspect of the business.

  • 102 Sites

    QAD has 102 Packaging Industry Customers

  • 37 Countries

    With QAD Customers’ Presence

  • $122.2 Billion Revenue

    QAD Packaging ERP Customers Generating $122.2 Billion Annual Revenue

Packaging Industry ERP Features & Benefits

  • QAD Adaptive and cloud-based ERP reduce the gaps between business and market requirements.
  • Easy for effective critical production resources, inventory management and drive profits.
  • Enterprise is able to replace old & insecure solutions with customising and agile solutions.
  • Plan and utilise the resources in effectively
QAD Adaptive ERP

QAD Adaptive ERP

  • Addresses the unique needs of packaging industry
  • Take control over the documents
  • Track & trace every aspects of the business
QAD Enterprise Platform

QAD Enterprise Platform

  • Easy for business upgrades
  • Maximise the ROI by understanding the needs
  • Adopt the new technologies and capabilities


  • Improve customer satisfaction with best quality products
  • Enhance supplier performance by acquiring best supply qualities
  • Reduce waste and overproduction
Challenges of Packaging Industry

Challenges of Packaging Industry

Packaging manufacturers face huge pressure in the rise of material cost, resin, labour costs and lower utilisation of labour.

Lack of preventive measures and asset management is also the major challenges of the packaging industry.

Packaging Industry Cloud ERP

QAD has a proven and effective record of providing ERP solutions for the Packaging industry. QAD is live on 100+ packaging industry’s sites in over 37 countries.

Industry Trends:

Technologies like IoT and machine learning will lead the packaging industry to adapt the current and future market trends

Those technologies will help to create more visibility in production and advanced warnings of issues.
Also helps the adaptive packaging manufacturers to make right and timely decisions.

Packaging Industry Cloud ERP