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SAP Business One – ERP for Aerospace and Defense

Complex Supply chains and late deliveries:

The rapidly growing Aerospace and defense manufacturing industry faces constant problems like delay in manufactured products, manually managed factories and supply chain, high time and money spent on training and consulting, and many more.

Manufacturing parts and managing the supply chain efficiently is still a huge problem in aerospace industry. An ERP solution integrating all sectors of the industry will help you reduce errors and streamline trade to a great extent.

Faster delivery, lower cost, higher security, and an integrated approach

SAP Business One is the best ERP for aerospace industry that helps you deliver products on time by carefully managing the supply chain. It uses cloud technology to store all the data which can be easily accessed by the user instantly.

It also breaks the ever-lasting myth about inefficient security in storing the data online via cloud with impregnable security built specifically for defence and classified data. Around 41% of the companies in your industry are still following the traditional ERP systems, therefore, get ahead in the market by adapting and switching over to SAP Business One that helps you to cut down costs by a minimum of 10%.

Gain great control over your aerospace manufacturing process with full visibility and control over aersopace security and AS9100 compliance standards, project schedules & costs, inventory and supply chain, tracking and faster deliveries.

  • Security and Regulatory Compliance

    Security and Regulatory Compliance

  • Project Planning & Schedules

    Project Planning & Schedules

  • Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management

  • On-Premise or Cloud ERP

    On-Premise or Cloud ERP

  • Cut down Costs on Maintenance

    Cut down Costs on Maintenance

  • Lot Management and Material Traceability

    Lot Management and Material Traceability

  • Experience Faster Deliveries

    Experience Faster Deliveries

  • Round the Clock Technical Support

    Round the Clock Technical Support

Benefits of SAP Business One for Defence & Aerospace

Benefits of SAP Business One for Defence & Aerospace

  • With as many as 20 different modules integrated into SAP Business One, it is a one-stop ERP solution built for all types of industries and tailored specifically for yours, with eNoah’s add-ons.
  • Make key decisions faster than ever before to satisfy customers better in record time and up your brand value.
  • Track your products and shipments in real-time with geospatial data available to you with the help of sensors and GPS fit into everything from the manufacturing process to end product.
  • Cheapest in the market, easiest ERP to implement and use, cuts down costs up to 10%, helps you achieve end-to-end visibility in your supply chain.
  • Top notch security system, impregnable and built specifically for the Defence and Aerospace industry.

Why eNoah for Aerospace ERP Implementation

With more than 16+ years of delighting customers, eNoah has been a global reputed leader in providing custom solutions and consulting for aerospace industry.  Partnered with SAP, eNoah offers to sell and implement almost all of SAP products with custom solutions AS9100 quality control help companies fully realize the power of digitization and experience massive stride forward into the future.

eNoah is one of the leading SAP B1 partners in India, An ISO 27001 certified company with 17+ years of experience in IT and Business Support Services

  • 120+


  • 200+

    ERP Consultants

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    Years of Experience

eNoah SAP Business One Partner Advantages
  • "Innovative and Most Impact Partner" Award by SAP

  • 20+

    Industry Specific Solutions

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    Country Presence

Partnering with eNoah for implementing SAP Business One ERP for Aerospace manufacturing can only benefit you in the following ways

  • eNoah is official partners of SAP and we specialize and focus specifically on SAP Business One and SAP HANA for Aerospace will give top class customer experience and service.
  • Aerospace and defense is one of the main industries focused by eNoah with proven and successful custom software on top of SAP Business One makes unique business management solution for aeropace.

With SAP Business One built specifically for manufacturing industries,  eNoah additionally offers you add-ons to increase your industry-specific customization, AS9100 Quality Standards and regulatory compliance.