ERP for Pharmaceutical IndustryERP for Pharmaceutical Industry

SAP Business One ERP for Pharma Industry

The global pharmaceutical industry has seen significant advancement in the past few years and is emerging as one of the largest sectors of the healthcare economy.

Leading healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are adopting SAP Business One to improve the efficiency of business operations, increase the productivity of the employees and to respond easily to market demands.

The pharmaceutical industry is a complex and demanding one. Companies need to be able to manage their inventory efficiently, control their costs, and provide excellent customer service. SAP Business One is an ERP software that can help pharma companies do all of this and more.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using SAP Business One in the pharma industry:

Reduced costs

  • Optimized inventory management:

    SAP Business One can help you track your inventory levels in real time, so you always know how much inventory you have on hand and when you need to order more. This can help you avoid overstocking and understocking, which can save you money.

  • Reduced costs:

    SAP Business One can help you reduce your IT costs, manual errors, and training time. This can free up your resources so you can focus on other areas of your business.

  • Improved accuracy:

    SAP Business One can help you improve the accuracy of your data and reporting. This can help you make better decisions about your business.

Better customer service

  • Better customer service:

    SAP Business One can help you improve customer service by giving you a better understanding of your customers’ needs. For example, you can use SAP Business One to track customer orders and shipments, so you can quickly resolve any issues that arise.

  • Increased efficiency:

    SAP Business One can help you streamline your processes and make your business more efficient. This can free up your time so you can focus on other important tasks.

Pharma ERP Solution  Overview

Pharma ERP Solution  Overview

The Pharma industry faces lots of challenges compared to other industries. It has to address those tough set of challenges as well as live up to the expectations which are growing. Pharmaceutical companies are heavily dependent on data management. Data that are generated throughout the supply chain process via payment processing, inventory activity, production, customer orders, shipments, invoices, equipment maintenance, investments, taxes, etc. are very critical for them.

With the help of dedicated SAP Business One Add-on for Pharma, companies can meet their specific business requirements, such as bulk storage and replenishment control, shelf life and batch control, product development and specifications, centralized and local purchasing, and quality compliance. They can also get access to real-time data instantly via analytical dashboards and reports which will help them to take effective decisions.

Pharmaceutical Industry Challenges

  • Lack of Process Integration
  • Tedious activity of Material traceability
  • Tracking of expiry, rejections, rework, and wastages
  • Managing Outsourced Processes
  • Sampling Management
  • Compliance management with frequent changes in Government norms
  • Monitoring of BMR/BPR throughout the production process
  • Maintaining Quality with different parameters
  • Complex Formulation calculations
  • Managing WIP Inventory and its cost
Pharmaceutical Industry Challenges

Pharma Solution Key Functionalities

  • Management & tracking of formulation based standard & additional requisition
  • Batch planning – Auto creation of intermediate production order
  • Automatic BMR / BPR generation
  • Online Batch tracking at every stage
  • Re-work process management
  • Stage wise yield calculation
  • Define routing/sequence for operations or stages
  • Tag Machine, labor and required cost center at individual stage
  • Stage wise revaluation of product costing and its calculation
  • QC for stability & control sample for complaint management

How SAP Business One helps Pharma Companies

  • Standardization: standardization of business processes
  • Compliance: Compliance management as per Government norms
  • Traceability: Bi-Directional Material traceability
  • Tracking: Batch tracking in WIP with yield reconciliation & Automatic BMR & BPR generation
  • Elimination: Wastage elimination through Expiry alerts & FEFO based material consumption
  • Quality: Quality Management – IPQC, In process inspection and Certificate of Analysis
  • Reporting: Management Information Reporting at various levels
  • Outsourcing: Manage outsourced lab testing like Microbiology Tests

Detailed Overview of Modules:


Units & Work Centre Management

  • Provision to manage multiple manufacturing plants
  • Plant wise Work Centre management
  • Work Centre Cost per hour is maintained
  • Cost Centre is managed for each work center

Stages and Operations Management

  • Operation Codes for Routing / Operation Sequence
  • Calculation of Costing & revaluated Product Costing by System
  • Well Defined Stages / Work Centre / Cost Centre / Operation Sequence
  • Appropriate Work Centre assignment for each operation
  • Each Operation has been distinguished by Machine /Labour and Cost Centre

BMR/BPR Management

  • Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR) /Batch Packing Record (BPR) as per GMP
  • RM/PM Requisition slip through Batch Planning as per Master Formulation
  • (For Active RM, quantity is calculated automatically as per label claim taking
  • into account its Assay / Potency as well Overages / Factor)
  • Feature of Additional material request for the same batch which is mostly required in case of packing material

Quality Management

  • Record of Analysis for RM/PM/Bulk/Intermediate/Finish
  • Certificate of Analysis RM/PM/Bulk/Intermediate/Finish
  • Release order RM/PM/Bulk/Intermediate/Finish
  • Approved / Rejection Slip
  • Re-testing and its records
  • QC at each stage of production including Finished Products

Stability and Control Sample Management

  • Better Complaint Management
  • Stability Analysis and Maintenance for New Product Launch
  • Online Sample collection from Production Process
  • QC for Stability and Control Sample for complaint Management
  • Sample Records of RM/PM/Bulk/Intermediate/Finish

Batch Yield Management

  • Theoretical and Actual Yield is maintained in each intermediate stage including Finished Stage
  • Stage Wise Batch Reconciliation
  • Reconciliation is maintained against Partial Transfer Ticket also

Inventory and Cost Management

  • Product Cost estimation and management
  • Direct Cost calculation (Cost Centre) for every production order
  • Costing of rework process
  • Costing of each Partial Transfer Ticket capability
  • Inventory status at any stage of WIP
  • Cost of inventory at any stage
  • Costing of scrapes during WIP to arrive at actual Cost of Production
  • Continuous Stock Valuation System

Warehouse Management

  • A.R. Wise Stock Register of RM / PM
  • User Wise, Plant Wise Warehouse Management / Validation
  • Batch Management of Each RM / PM / WIP and FG
  • Minimum, Maximum, Re-Order Level is maintained
  • Provision for predefined warehouse for Shop Floor, Quarantine, Approved, Rejected, IPQC and Released
  • Finish Goods

Regulatory and Pharma Specific Reports

  • Plant / Unit Specific reports
  • Costing and Accounting details for every business transaction
  • AR No. wise stock position and its tracking
  • Tracking of Batch at any time for monitoring the internal supply chain
  • Daily Production Reporting
  • Trend Analysis for Finished Products
  • Analysis of Stability Test

Key Reports

  • AR No. Wise stock tracking
  • Stock Ledger – Schedule ‘U’
  • Standard Vs. Actual Usage Report
  • Daily Production Analysis
  • Batch Yield Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Stability Study Summary
  • Product/Batch wise cost sheet
  • Group Wise Expenditure Analysis
  • Statutory Reports

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SAP Business One gives necessary insights and automation capabilities to pharmaceutical manufacturing companies that helps to stay competitive in today’s market. This can enable you to increase quality and compliance with industry regulations while saving time and money.

SAP Business One assists pharmaceutical manufacturers in overcoming operational difficulties by optimizing the process. It helps in overcoming challenges including inventory management, product quality, regulatory compliance, and traceability. Manufacturers can utilize its advanced analytics skills to quickly discover trends and make decisions based on more precise information.