ERP for Manufacturing IndustryERP for Manufacturing Industry

SAP Business One An Affordable ERP for Manufacturing Industry

Manage Your Inventory

Manage Your Inventory

  • Manufacturing sector’s inventories can be noted for 24/7
  • Through continuous monitoring of expiry & quality, SAP B1 helps to control the wastage of the products

Enhance Your Relationship with Customer

Enhance Your Relationship with Customer

  • Customer queries and ordering can be handled easily through SAP Business One. So it builds your relationship with customer and helps for long term business deals.

Automate Your Business

Automate Your Business

  • SAP B1 will minimize the human intervention on operating
  • SAP B1 saves your time and efforts on decision making & improves profitability

End to End Support

End to End Support

  • eNoah’s expert team is at your service at all times, from finding the perfect solution for your business, through framework execution, to routine upkeep and backing.

SAP Business One ERP for Manufacturing Industry

ERP for Manufacturing Industry

An ERP solution increases the visibility of the supply chain and manage cost and resource effectively. Thereby reducing inventory carrying cost and boosting sales, staff effectiveness, Customer Satisfaction and retention.

Supply chain management continues to be a key issue (challenge) for industrial products or manufacturing organizations.

For industrial, manufacturing companies, technology is required to go beyond real-time monitoring to connect information platforms that leverage data and advanced analytics to deliver higher-quality, more durable, and more reliable products.

Industrial manufacturers can best serve their customers (and themselves) with well designed tools and solutions that improve the efficiency, costs, and performance of factories.

The companies are reconsidering operations and assessing if material and labor saving justify the cost involved.

  • Project & Production Management
  • Supply Chain & Sales Management
  • Material Resource Planning (MRP) II & Production
  • Dashboards
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)
  • Multiple Warehouse Management
  • Pool & Quality Controls
  • Product Configurator
  • Cost Estimation

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Why SAP Business One – Key Benefits

Simple, Affordable, Comprehensive, Extensible & Scalable

  • SAP Business One ERP solution streamlines operations, helps to improve outcomes of various processes such as Inventory, Sales, and Purchase, which takes a lot of time and manpower.
  • SAP Business One provides Centrally Hosted Dealer Management system
  • With SAP Business One there is on line / real-time connectivity with legacy or other SAP ERP
  • SAP Business One has complete enterprise resource planning functionality including the financials
  • Easy to use, and the software development kit provides an environment for customizing the application to support your processes
  • Managing forecasts to ensure the fulfillment of sales quotas
SAP Business One for Small Business (SMEs)

SAP Business One – Key Features

SAP Business One – Key Features
  • Track Batch and Item number per project
  • Ability to create Material requirement report per project
  • Material management
  • Control over processes
  • Tools to assist in decision making
  • Capturing, monitoring, storing, and tracking information relating to customers, prospects, and partners to optimize contact management, account planning, market segmentation, and relationship management

Movement of inventory through Bar-code integration

  • GRPO, Inventory transfer , receipt from production
  • Batch/serial transaction generated through SAP B1 , implemented using Barcode integration

Integration – Transaction

  • GRPO transaction pulled from the customer system
  • Invoice pushed to the customer system
  • Original Sales forecast pulled from the customer system

Mobility – Built-in analytics and reporting lead funnel, opportunity pipeline, and win-loss analysis

  • Sales Order transition
  • Customer master data
  • Finished goods inventory details

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SAP Business One ERP reduces the amount of time lost to manual operations and enables industrial businesses to operate more quickly and effectively. Additionally, the ERP offers a comprehensive overview of all data sources, including customer data, inventory levels, and production schedules. With this operational insight and control, manufacturers may more effectively manage their resources and boost production.

SAP Business One is suitable for all types of manufacturing organizations, from small to medium. With a variety of capabilities designed specifically for the requirements of distinct industrial enterprises, SAP Business One may assist you in streamlining operations, improving resource management, and increase revenues.

Optimizing production planning, cutting production costs, and enhancing inventory and warehouse management are all made possible with SAP Business One. It can also help in handling customer orders and enhancing customer support.