QAD EQMS Enterprise Quality Management System

Embed the quality practices in your manufacturing operations! Are you facing pressure to improve the initial quality? Is your Supplier Quality impacting on your business performance & revenue? QAD EQMS is a solution that provides timely visibility to prevent all your quality issues & allows your organisation to reach new heights with exemplary quality management.

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    Why QAD EQMS?

    QAD EQMS is an integrated solution that provides an advanced visibility to take timely actions on quality issues. Some of the key benefits are:

    • QAD EQMS meets the standards of IATF, ISO, and MMOG/LE
    • Upgrade the Customer Satisfaction by providing high number quality products & reducing the recalls
    • Reduce the internal failure costs, quality costs & improve EBITDA
    • Reduce the wastage and ensure to prevent the products from defects, extra production and non-utilised resources
    • Improve the collaboration between the departments and get the single source of quality information

    QAD CEBOS EQMS (Enterprise Quality Management System)


    Features & Modules of QAD EQMS

    Document Control

    QAD EQMS helps to ensure whether your team is working with the latest version of documents.

    • Single source of latest documents
    • Able to share the document with the suppliers
    • Manage document distribution, changes & timely reviews

    Training Management

    It helps to provide an effective training & ensures the key points are addressed effectively. Also addresses the standards of ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 13485, HACCP, 21 CFR (QSR) Part 820

    • Training documents can be linked with latest versions
    • Department managers can identify the training gaps
    • Evaluate the employees with skill rating


    It provides a simple and effective internal audit process and ensures the continual improvement with compliance.

    • Complete electronic audit process
    • Simplified reports
    • Support Layered Process Audits (LPA)

    Complaint Management

    It helps to resolve customer complaints quickly. Also you can ensure the complaints are resolved effectively by the CAPA system.

    • Timely & Effective Actions
    • Provide suitable workflow based on the complaint

    Non-conformance and Corrective Action (NCR/CAPA)

    QAD EQMS enables the complete NCR & CAPA functions to provide support on critical problems.

    • Reduce the risks from delayed action & the repeated issues.
    • Built with 3 by 5 why, Ishikawa/Fishbone, etc.
    • Drives required changes

    Risk Management

    Reduce the possibilities of risks from pandemics, disasters, or sudden failures. QAD EQMS helps to mitigate risks by advanced preparations.

    • Prepares risk assessment to identify the issues
    • Protects the organisation from risks

    Supplier Management

    Acquire the best practices of Supplier management with QAD EQMS & resolve the supply issue effectively

    • Provides Supplier Scorecard
    • Plan, Implement & Documents audits
    • Mitigate Supplier issues

    Gauge Management

    Manage your gauge with Measurement System Analysis (MSA) toolkit. QAD EQMS automates the process and helps to concentrate on other tasks.

    • Identify the Calibration issue
    • External & Internal calibration documentation

    Inspection & SPC

    QAD EQMS inspects & provides the information in SPC chart to make a timely action.

    • Match the results with quality plans
    • Skip lot methodology for inspection

    Advanced Product Quality Planning (AQPQ/Design Control)

    QAD EQMS ensures on time the product’s introduction, meets the design goal, improves time to market & reduces the lifetime cost.

    • Mitigate the risks & issues
    • AIAG/VDA Design and Process FMEAs

    Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

    PPAP requirements are tough & it should meet the customer requirements. QAD EQMS is enabled with PPAP & improves the customer satisfaction.

    • Improve the time to market
    • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Integrated with APQP/PPAP system

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