SAP Business One Version for HANA

Do you find difficult to analyze massive amount of data? SAP Business One version for HANA addresses the above issue by performing advanced analytics leveraging the power of SAP HANA in-memory computing. It contains enhancements and additions meant for SMEs, which helps to run their business smarter, faster and simpler in this digital world.

Companies will be able to get a clear picture on their priorities as they can access real-time data anytime anywhere instantly. It provides insights in such a way that management can improve their decision making to run their business efficiently. Moreover, employees can become independent of IT staffs with the help of information search capabilities and interactive analysis tools.

SAP Business One Version for HANA

SAP Business One HANA Advantages

Real-time data access

Real-time access to business information on-the-go for quick decision making

Out-of-the-box functionality

Built-in features and reports reduces need for customization and saves time

Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

Reduces dependecy of third party databases for upgradation and compatibilty. Also simplifies IT infra management and reduces cost for third-party database licenses

Improved responsiveness

Improved performance of departments due to ERP sytem integrated as cross-fuctional for all business processes.

Interactive reports

Pre-defined KPI reports and instant access helps to make key decisions on time

Simplified IT landscape

Single integrated solution to manage entire business operations helps to foucs more on the business than the IT & hardware management

How Can SAP HANA Benefit My Growing Business?

Real-time Data for Quick Decision Making

Real-time information that is accessible anytime gives better and faster decision-making that improves the performance of your business

Analytics and Insights

Leverage SAP Business One Version for HANA’s in-memory computing and analytics gives actionable insights based on business performance to help to solve problems.

Employee Efficiency

Without IT Team intervention and dependency, employees can generate and do interactive analysis, and ad-hoc activities efficiently and independently.


Value for Money

Cutting-edge database capabilities are rightly priced for small and medium enterprises to gain a competitive advantage with faster access to business analytics. Affordable and scalable as they grow.

Why HANA over SQL Database?

Faster data processing

Faster data processing

The reason for its speedy performance is that it directly stores data on RAM.

Greater Analytical Capabilities

Greater Analytical Capabilities

with the help of HANA, users can access advanced real-time dashboard and reports instantly as it has additional analytical options such as interactive analysis, pervasive analysis, etc.

Unique features of HANA

Unique features of HANA

Faster software development and deployment due to the availability of its prepacked business logic; Advanced inventory status check function; cash flow forecast; over 50 built-in dashboards and KPIs, acts like google search for intuitive query searches.

Extendable Platform

Extendable Platform

Additional integration is possible due to Service Layer, Semantic Layer and App Framework for Custom Development.

The eNoah Advantage

eNoah has good success stories of implementing large and complex implementations on Business One for HANA. eNoah fulfills your SAP HANA’s end-to-end implementation needs by using its expertise and proven methodologies.

eNoah is one of the leading SAP B1 partners in India, An ISO 27001 certified company with 17+ years of experience in IT and Business Support Services

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eNoah SAP Business One Partner Advantages
  • "Innovative and Most Impact Partner" Award by SAP

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    Country Presence

  • Our world-class SAP HANA services include configuration, deployment, training, support & maintenance, upgrading and migration services, tailored to your unique business requirements.
  • Our SAP consultants are proficient, hold the rich experience and have the ability to understand clients’ business needs and processes, helping them convert their requirements into effective use of SAP HANA’s functionality to increase their bottom-line.
  • We will help you to leverage the full potential of SAP HANA and its in-memory technology to help you take faster decisions and streamline & enhance business performance.
  • Our SAP HANA Cloud services will save you from making up-front capital investment and provide you access to your business information through a pay-as-you-go model.
  • Our on-going support will ensure timely resolution of all your SAP HANA issues, 24/7.

eNoah Success Stories

Leading Telemarketing/Online Shopping Company

  • Successfully implemented SAP Business One version for HANA
  • CRM integration using IF & Service Layer

Wholesale Trading Company in Singapore

  • SAP Business One version for HANA implementation for one of the leading wholesale distributor of electrical appliances, television and radio sets
eNoah Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, HANA has a database that is much faster and more capable than SQL. HANA is the best option for manufacturers who need to process massive amounts of data fast and effectively because it was built for big-scale data processing. HANA also has sophisticated analytics capabilities that can give you important information about numerous facets of your company. For any manufacturer looking to remain competitive in today’s market, having a reliable, secure, and quick database like HANA is essential.

It is based on the complexity of the data, setup, and other factors. The process is automated and made more effective with the SAP Business One version of HANA, taking much less time than manual migration processes.

Yes, you will get pervasive analytics, customer 360, interactive analysis, excel reports & sales recommendation.