ERP for Electric Vehicle ManufacturingERP for Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

As batteries improve and regulations tighten, electric vehicle sales (EVs) are rapidly and steadily increasing, driving short-term disruption in the automotive industry. Thus, electric vehicles hold the potential to disrupt automotive two-wheeler and four-wheeler manufacturing.

Manufacturing costs must be reduced as EC demand grows, which requires established and start-up automotive companies to ramp up EV production quickly to compete in the EV market.

The manufacture of EVs can be challenging during their initial days in India, as it is a new concept. It can be challenging to manage the sourcing of raw materials and components for manufacturing processes.

It is possible to unify a wide range of business processes with SAP Business One ERP Solution for EV manufacturers. By integrating purchase orders, sales, material requirement planning, finance, and production into one dashboard, SAP B1 ERP allows businesses to make informed decisions faster and more efficiently.

The SAP HANA database speeds up transaction processing speed and allows data to be analyzed more quickly. To make reporting easier, SAP Business One HANA has a cockpit, dashboard, and KPI reporting system. These SAP Business One features can greatly benefit EV manufacturers.

Challenges faced by EV manufacturers

There are some unique challenges the EV auto industry faces every day that SAP Business One helps them handle through modernization of business processes, complexity management, and the use of Industry 4.0 technologies. Here are some of the business challenges.

Increasing pace of product innovation

The increasing pace of product innovation

As vehicle technology advances, a new levels of complexity and competition emerge.

Business collaboration

Business collaboration

It is difficult to collaborate when platforms are consolidated, and EDI requirements are complex.

Complex supply chain networks

Complex Supply Chain & Vendor Management

Lack of visibility across supply chain networks and the ability to collaborate end-to-end due to inter-connectedness and inter-dependencies across a network.

Inefficient and complex shop-floor and warehouse processes

Warehouse Management

Complex and inefficient warehouse and shopfloor processes. Ex: Usage of excel sheet and custom solution in the warehouse which requires manual and frequent updates.

Industry 4.0 and digital transformation

Industry 4.0 and Smart manufacturing

Bringing data-driven processes and operational flexibility to your entire business is possible with SAP Industry 4.0 solutions and technology.

Why eNoah for SAP Business One Implementation

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SAP Business One for EV Manufacturing

For EV Manufacturing, SAP Business One is the leading ERP suite that can be deployed both on-premises and in the cloud

Simple & Unique Solution for Manufacturing

Simple & Unique Solution for Manufacturing Business

  • Comprehensive and Integrated System
  • Customizable and Adaptable
  • Instant Access to Information
  • Low cost of ownership and efficient support
  • Robust integration and collaboration with APIs

Reduce operational complexity

A wide range of features are available in SAP Business One to assist businesses in all aspects of their operation

  • Automation of key business process
  • Effective collaboration within the organization
  • Enablement of workflows
  • Real-time production status
  • Effective utilization of resources
  • Clear inventory visibility
  • Generation of quality certificates & reports
  • Analysis of key metrics
  • MIS reporting at various levels
SAP Business One Cost

SAP Business One Cost

Supply Chain and Vendor Visibility

  • Supply Chain Planning Integration & Execution: Plan supply and demand more effectively and improve service levels and lead times
  • Organize, Process & Manage Data: For greater compliance and safety, introduce advanced tracking and tracing capabilities throughout the supply chain
  • Combining automated systems with manual process: Learn how to address complex supply chain issues and achieve greater compliance and safety through automated and manual processes.

SAP Business One for EV manufacturing reduces supply chain complexity and improves productivity