ERP for Medical Devices ManufacturingERP for Medical Devices Manufacturing

ERP for Medical Devices

ERP for Medical Devices – SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a Comprehensive ERP Software for Medical Device Manufacturing Companies. eNoah advantages you to be on the side of this next level technology. This is a highly customizable software to fit each individual business entity adhering to industry standard and reduced manual efforts with attention to detail. Focused to challenge the industry specific goals of achieving high quality product at lower cost. Deeply concentrated to bring Industry 4.0 live which is utilizing digital transformation and data centric approach for decision making.

6.1% Growth – Annual Growth rate of the Medical Device market is expected to grow 6.1% from 2021

$603.5 Billion – Medical Device market Growth rate will reach $603.5Bn in 2025

Features of Medical Device Manufacturing Software

Manage Regulatory Compliance

SAP Business One pays attention and meets the standards of regulatory compliance and delivers a high-quality product that helps the manufacturers to stand out among the competitors.

Production Quality & Recall Management

It is always an expectation from a Medical Device Manufacturer is to deliver a high standard quality product at the same time for some unfortunate reason recalls are also a truth of this industry. eNoah have developed robust online inspection module in SAP Business One based on reject at source methodology so before any further value addition you faulty WIP can be identified which will result in high quality final product, minimum final product rejections and overall cost benefit.

Medical Device Innovation

The manufacturers must maintain quality along with innovation. SAP Business One helps the manufacturers to understand the industry’s current best practices & trends and gives a proper output for innovation with better quality.

Production Planning

Planning is the key for achieving any set goal, medical device Manufacturing requires tons of efforts and factors to consider before starting production. SAP Business One is not just an ERP it is a Smart Intelligent Business solution, which helps you managing all your resources and helps you putting them together to arrive best suitable production plans. Automated recommendations from a smarter system saves your time, efforts, and money.

Tracking & Traceability

Tracking and traceability is a map of footprints by any product moving one process to another, SAP Business One is a smart enabler to manage all footprints and gives you best relationship map between one end to another end. Achieving this will have a meaningful impact on reducing the time and effort for managing compliance record, timely support to customers and regulatory agencies.

Customer Service & Management

We all know customer is king and so for eNoah, eNoah enables you with SAP Business One by which you can adopt costumer centric approach starting from production to delivery to ensure highest level of satisfaction. It gives you a cutting-edge competitive advantage not only grow vertically but also horizontally by adding more customers to your list.

Why eNoah for implementing Medical ERP

eNoah is one of the leading SAP B1 partners in India, An ISO 27001 certified company with 17+ years of experience in IT and Business Support Services

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eNoah SAP Business One Partner Advantages
  • "Innovative and Most Impact Partner" Award by SAP

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  • With 17+ Years of experience in servicing the medical device industry, We understand your challenges & provide better customization
  • eNoah celebrates the 100% successful rate in SAP Business One HANA implementation for medical device manufacturers
  • Being a leading provider of SAP Business One & HANA solution, eNoah has 50+ Customers & 700+ Users
  • We transform your manufacturing business with digital technologies like Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, Analytics, and Data.
  • Reduce the risk rate & Complexity and Enlarge the Customer Satisfaction & Profit with eNoah’s exceptional service

Benefits of SAP Business One ERP for Medical Devices Manufacturers

Benefits of SAP Business One ERP for Medical Devices Manufacturers
  • A Single ERP solution that covers complete process like Sales & Customer, Finance, Supply Chain, Production planning & development, Quality Control, and Human Resource Management
  • Real-time Analytics – It makes a report easy to understand and helps for better decision making.
  • Great tool for tracking & tracing the details of manufactured equipments.
  • Lift your customer service by improving the quality, innovation, and design of the medical equipments
  • Manage the regulatory compliance and reduce the possibilities of a product recall
  • An ERP solution that follows an accurate production process & helps to produce error-free equipments
  • Easy to control & monitor the business process with the mobile compatibility
  • Handle the Material requirement Planning (MRP) of multiple projects with one solution
  • Digitize the record tracking and eliminate the paper-based work
  • Schedule, Plan & Automate the manufacturing process and achieve the time to market

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With SAP Business One, you can monitor the entire medical devices manufacturing process. It gives you more control over your manufacturing process, from tracking raw materials to component traceability and even complete insight over inventory levels and delivery dates.

With SAP Business One solution, medical device manufacturers can see their entire process from beginning to end. They can more effectively manage inventories, comprehend customer trends, and comply with industry regulations with its sophisticated analytics capabilities. Additionally, its integrated tools assist in reducing manual activities, lowering the possibility of errors. All these features help to overcome the medical device manufacturing challenges.

SAP Business One helps medical device manufacturers optimize their demand management process and make better decisions. It also assists you in seeing trends, foreseeing client needs, and boosting profitability by providing you with access to reliable historical data and predictive analytics.