QAD Services - ERP, MFG/PRO, 4GL

eNoah is the QAD partner and offers QAD MFG/PRO Integration, Implementation, Development and Customization Services and Progress 4GL Programming with Certified Developers

QAD Services - MFG/PRO, Progress 4GL Programming

eNoah‘s focused QAD Services are among the most comprehensive offerings worldwide.
We go above and beyond standard maintenance offering to meet all of our client’s critical business challenges.

  • QAD Implementation Services
  • Progress 4GL Development Services
  • QAD Application Maintenance Services
  • Progress DBA Training Services
  • QAD Customization & Enhancements Services
  • Progress Database Administration Services
  • QAD Version Upgrade Services
  • Progress Database Migration Services
  • Client- specific QAD assistance 24/7

eNoah is proud to collaborate with QAD in India to provide ERP Solutions to large organizations. eNoah’s top-notch dedicated QAD Support team has undergone rigorous training in all aspects of the flagship QAD application and customization providing scalability, flexibility, cost efficiency, enhancement, maintenance and troubleshooting services that are unparalleled in the industry.

In addition, eNoah provides training on Progress DB to our clients giving them the tools they need to run their business effectively whether it is in the manufacturing, food and beverage or pharmaceuticals industry.

eNoah Expertise – QAD Cloud and On-Demand

  • eNoah is an active supporter and collaborator in QAD’s exciting new Cloud On Demand Global Support Solutions for global customers. Through this service, we provide customization support, enhancement, deployment, maintenance and support 24/7 round the clock for convenient accessibility and easy interface for our clients.
  • eNoah’s solution is built around a single customer record vastly simplifying the process by providing streamlined standardized information for every transaction through sales, support, accounting, shipping & billing – a complete quote to cash solution.
  • eNoah has partnered with all the leading Cloud ERP, Accounting and Financial Solution Publishers to provide you with the best resources.

Contact us to discuss how moving to Cloud can make a huge difference to your Organization’s efficiency. Bring excitement back into your Organization and see how our cost and time-saving solutions can increase profitability and customer relationships.

Our QAD services support locations include customers in India, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands, Australia and the United States. Our rapidly expanding global client base is a testament of existing customer satisfaction with our exemplary standards of delivery/assistance.

QAD Service Offerings – ERP, MFG/PRO, Progress 4GL Programming

1. QAD Implementation Services

We tailor our implementation tools and methodology towards achieving efficient and effective QAD implementation. Implementation models:

  • Migration from manual/legacy system to QAD
  • Migration from existing /other enterprise application to QAD

2. Progress 4GL Development Services

eNoah has a team of well trained and experienced technical and techno-functional experts. As part of Progress 4GL Services, eNoah’s expertise includes the following functions:

  • Incorporating changes into the existing QAD application to suit specific business needs
  • Development of brand new modules from scratch
  • Developing interoperability
  • Our development process strictly follows the SDLC and Coding standards defined by QAD R&D organization

3. QAD Application Maintenance Services

  • eNoah offers solid global customer handling experience and skills to support all the QAD versions starting from Version 7 till QAD2013.
  • Our experts have core competencies in Manufacturing / Distribution and Finance to efficiently manage QAD applications from start to finish without a hitch.

eNoah has in-house experts in ICT and Qxtend Certified Progress 4GL developers plus techno-functional consultants.

4. Progress DBA Training Services

Post-implementation, we provide the following Database training to the customer’s IT team.

  • Knowledge on DB and .net architecture
  • Connection manager administration
  • DB start up and shut down and managing App Server and Tomcat
  • Backup and restoration
  • Basic troubleshooting and performance tuning
  • Creating scripts to connect the DB and progress environments

5. QAD Customization & Enhancements Services

eNoah provides superior application development services with coding standards capable of migrating to higher versions. Our team of experienced, certified professionals work closely with the customer to understand their business and operational functionalities providing effective and speedy solutions through perfectly executed customizations fitted within the client’s budget.

We have implemented customizations for the Automobile, Electrical, Lighting and FMCG industries.

6. Progress Database Administration Services

We provide 24 X 7 DB support for the following services

  • Backup and restoration (Dump and Load)
  • Health check
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • DB availability with downtime
  • Creating access controls
  • Performance fine tuning
  • DR server setup and crash recovery
  • On-line backups
  • Tomcat, Broker and Web speed administration
  • Code deployment

7. QAD Version Upgrade Services

Most QAD customers make extensive customizations which sometimes disrupt the version migration or significantly increases the cost of migration.

eNoah can help upgrade the customizations with retrofitting and streamline the highly complex customizations into manageable patterns.

8. Progress Database Migration Services

Our DB administrators are ably equipped to handle the following migrations:

  • DB migration between servers
  • Lower version to higher version
  • DB split and DB consolidation
  • Progress Database re-indexing

eNoah helps organizations to

  • Better manage their businesses
  • Eliminate IT maintenance costs
  • Eliminate data re-entry
  • Make better decisions faster
  • Increase collaboration
  • Easily scale & grow
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