QAD ERP Built for Automotive Industry

ERP Software Built for Automotive Manufacturing

Production of automotive vehicles will keep on developing for years to come. Automotive manufacturers are confronted with the developing interest for electric vehicles and mobility. Due to quality related issues impact the OEM brand. Therefore, auto plants and supply chains will face the huge pressure to bring profitability, providing high quality products and delivering the products on scheduled time. QAD Automotive ERP is easy to implement, cost-effective and industry focused.

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    QAD Automotive ERP Customers Generating $4.5 Trillion Annual Revenue

Challenges of High Tech Manufacturing Industry

Change of internal combustion engines to autonomous, connected, electric & shared vehicles is driving many automotive executives to make decisions in a short period.

Automotive companies should plan their vehicles with more technologies and advanced connected features.


Automotive Manufacturing ERP Features & Benefits

QAD Adaptive solutions address the unique needs of each automotive manufacturer.

Actively participates in AIAG, Odette, JAPIA and more to improve the standards of quality, safety and more industrial requirements.

QAD supports internationalisation, MMOG/LE & IATF 16949 to address the quality requirements.

QAD Adaptive ERP

QAD Adaptive ERP

  • Flexible Solution for automotive manufacturers
  • Compete effectively with full visibility
  • Adopts the automotive industrial technologies

QAD Adaptive Applications

QAD Adaptive Applications

  • An integrated portfolio of solutions that supports the unique needs of high tech and electronics suppliers
  • Includes extensive management solutions for quality management, global trade management and integrated supplier management
  • Simplifies scenario planning, demand and supply chain planning, and production execution visibility



  • Effective Training Management
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP/Design Control)
  • Supplier Quality Management
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

Is Your Annual MMOG/LE Assessment Ready?

QAD is offering a FREE MMOG/LE assessment review to assist with your supply chain strategy!

Automotive Manufacturing Cloud ERP

QAD is a trusted partner who provides effective ERP solutions for the automotive industry for four decades.


Operational Restart Readiness for the Automotive Supply Chain

This 13-point checklist highlights the key areas to consider from an operational perspective for risks in the restart of your automotive manufacturing operations.

Key Verticals Segments of Automotive Manufacturing

QAD provides industry focused solutions on vertical segments of automotive manufacturing.

Automotive Tiered Suppliers

Automotive Tiered Suppliers

Automotive tier suppliers should meet standards like MMOG/LE & IATF 16949. QAD solutions help the manufacturers to reduce costs, improve performance, increase profitability and provide great visibility.

Automotive Aftermarket

Automotive Aftermarket

Aftermarket manufacturers will struggle in end customer data. Since the industry is emerging to ACES, QAD helps in online sales, quality & delivery, inventory and customer satisfaction

Automotive OEMs

Automotive OEMs

Due to ACES shift, Automotive OEMs manufacturers face huge competition, risk, regulation challenges and supply chain challenges. So QAD advanced solutions let them face the challenges easily and achieve their target on time.

Why eNoah for Automotive?

eNoah is a trusted partner for automotive industry with 10+ years of proven track record of delighting customers.
Our team has huge knowledge on automotive industry which helps to understand the industry specific challenges and provide customized solutions.

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