Consumer Product Manufacturing ERP

QAD ERP for Consumer Product Manufacturing

The Consumer product industry is facing unexampled interruptions and purchaser inclinations are evolving day to day. Manufacturers need to remain in front of the changing market by being versatile and spry. To acquire great shares and profit, consumer product companies should meet the customer expectations and comply with the regulations.

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Challenges of Consumer Product Manufacturing Industry

Consumer products manufacturing companies need to receive the right items at the right time with the right quantity to make the right product.

To increase the share and profit, consumer product manufacturers should meet the customer expectations and be updated in the market.

Additionally, they should comply with regulations as per each country’s regulations.


Consumer Product Manufacturing ERP Features & Benefits

Streamline the business process to face the demands of smart and efficient manufacturing of goods.

QAD offers industry specific solutions for the manufacturers of household products, assemble products, jewellery and other consumer products.

It is designed to improve the supply chain, manage compliance and simplify the packaging & shipping of the consumer product manufacturing industry.

QAD Adaptive ERP

QAD Adaptive ERP

  • Adapt the digital technologies
  • Helps to achieve the unique goals of each manufacturers
  • Streamline the business process

QAD Adaptive Applications

QAD Adaptive Applications

  • An integrated portfolio of solutions that supports the unique needs of high tech and electronics suppliers
  • Includes extensive management solutions for quality management, global trade management and integrated supplier management
  • Simplifies scenario planning, demand and supply chain planning, and production execution visibility



  • Effective Training Management that ensure quality & safety
  • Internal audit program supports for continual enhancement
  • Easy to track the documents revisions

Consumer Products Manufacturing Cloud ERP

QAD has a record of providing effective ERP solutions for Consumer Products manufacturing companies around the world. Also QAD solutions are live at 700+ High Tech manufacturing sites in 60 Countries.


How can QAD help Consumer Products Manufacturers?

An exclusive solution designed for consumer product manufacturing companies to streamline the business process to meet the demand and efficient manufacturing. It is a flexible ERP solution that addresses the unique needs of each manufacturer.

Key Verticals Segments of Consumer Products Manufacturing

QAD ERP is built for consumer product manufacturers to bring the business to the next level. It focuses on vertical segments of the industry to make your company an adaptive enterprise.

Household & Packaged Goods

Household & Packaged Goods

Household goods manufacturers face challenges on end-to-end visibility, quality and delivery time. To effectively improve the process, they must manage trade, supply chain and promotional activities.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

The Consumer Electronic industry is often a changing market. They must have the ability to develop and market products instantly with high volume. To achieve the goals, they spend huge costs and face critical supply chain processes.

Assembled Products

Assembled Products

Assembled product manufacturers are struggling to acquire the market share. QAD can help them with an intelligent ERP system to achieve their goals.



Jewellery manufacturers face issues in tracking the material availability, warehouse management and wastage controlling. QAD offers a completely traceable ERP solution to manage the inventories and valuable materials.

Resources for Consumer Products ERP

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How Can Consumer Products Companies Compete as Supply Chains Grow in Complexity?

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eNoah is a leading QAD Partner in India & US has track record of providing one of the best industry based solutions.

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