High Tech & Electronic Manufacturing ERP

QAD ERP for High Tech & Electronic Manufacturing

High Tech & Electronics manufacturers rely on innovation and new technologies. They will face challenges in supply chain, margin, border shipments, material availability, cost controlling. QAD Adaptive ERP enables the high tech manufacturing industry to meet the challenges and comply with standards & regulations.

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Challenges of High Tech Manufacturing Industry

Component Traceability: For the continuous process improvement, the industry needs a deeper traceability of components usage and to meet the standards & regulations.

Insights: High Tech manufacturers need exact insights on time to know the operational status across the globe.
Fluctuating Demand: High Tech manufacturers face fluctuating demand on products which creates pressure in the cost and product availability


High Tech Manufacturing ERP Features & Benefits

QAD Adaptive ERP is a flexible solution which helps high tech manufacturers to adapt the industry best practices. Also helps the High Tech manufacturing industry to adopt the advanced technologies via digital transformation.

QAD ERP is deployed through the cloud, easy to implement, manage & upgrade and helps the decision makers strategically.

QAD Adaptive ERP

QAD Adaptive ERP

  • Flexible Solution for Manufacturers
  • It works unique & advanced
  • Adopts the advanced technologies

QAD Adaptive Applications

QAD Adaptive Applications

  • An integrated portfolio of solutions that supports the unique needs of high tech and electronics suppliers
  • Includes extensive management solutions for quality management, global trade management and integrated supplier management
  • Simplifies scenario planning, demand and supply chain planning, and production execution visibility



  • Effective Training Management
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • Supplier Quality Management

High Tech & Electronics Manufacturing Cloud ERP

QAD has a record of providing effective solutions for High Tech & Electronics manufacturing companies around the world. Also QAD solutions are live at 500+ High Tech manufacturing sites.


Adopt the Trends of High Tech Manufacturing

  • Eliminate manual and semi-manual processes like spreadsheets usage.
  • Adopt the innovations and digital technologies for better decision making
  • Increase the High Tech manufacturing process with IoT

Key Verticals Segments of High Tech & Electronics Manufacturing

QAD delivers industry focused ERP solutions for High Tech manufacturing companies. Also focuses on vertical segments of the industry and helps to achieve more heights.

Standalone Devices

Standalone Devices

OEMs face constant challenges to manage the supply chain in the fast moving electronics. They must track the models & revised versions to support the aftermarket.

Industrial Batteries & Other Electronic Components & Cable

Industrial Batteries & Other Electronic Components & Cable

Supply Chain, Genealogy tracking and automated work cells are important in electronic components manufacturing. The requirement of material management, cost control and synchronised supply chain are high in daily operations.

Resources for High Tech and Electronics ERP

Busting Digital Transformation Barriers

Busting Digital Transformation Barriers

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Enable Shop Floor Operations

Enable Shop Floor Operations

QAD Automation Solutions allow for the development of real time material movement and production reporting.

QAD EQMS Results in a 50 Percent Reduction in Man Hours

QAD EQMS Results in a 50 Percent Reduction in Man Hours

Learn how Saft Batteries uses QAD EQMS to compete in a demanding and exacting market.

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