QAD ERP for Life Science & Medical Devices Industry

QAD ERP Software for Life Science & Medical Devices Manufacturing

Life sciences and Medical devices manufacturing industry is dedicated to innovation when new technologies and discoveries emerge, quality & safety when the new regulations come. The complexity of medical devices & other life science products manufacturing is high in emerging global technologies. QAD Adaptive ERP simplifies the life sciences and medical devices manufacturing business process by streamlining the entire operations.

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Challenges of Life Sciences Manufacturing Industry

Innovation: Life sciences industry constantly faces the pressure on innovation in emerging technologies

Security: Life sciences and Medical devices industry faces critical challenges in protecting their data and intellectual property

Regulations: Medical devices industry has huge challenges on complying with regulations of product manufacturing


Life Sciences Manufacturing ERP Features & Benefits

QAD has been a partner of the Life sciences, pharma and medical devices industry for many decades.

To understand and develop the quality, security, regulatory & other responsibility, QAD actively participates in global industry associations like AdvaMed.

QAD is a flexible solution that helps to address the unique needs of the Life sciences industry.

QAD Adaptive ERP

QAD Adaptive ERP

  • Flexible for Life sciences industry
  • FDA-qualified environment
  • It supports ISO 13485, FDA QSR and EU MDR requirements



  • Fully integrated Quality Management System
  • Improve quality & enhance Customer satisfaction
  • Reduce wastage & risk and improve overall performance

QAD Enterprise Platform

QAD Enterprise Platform

  • Easy for business upgrades
  • Maximise the ROI by understanding the needs
  • Adopt the new technologies and capabilities

Life sciences and Medical devices Manufacturing Cloud ERP

QAD Cloud ERP allows the Life sciences & medical devices manufacturers to meet the FDA & cGMP regulations and focus on the product innovation.

Industry Trends:

  • Easily protect the data and valuable properties from cybertheft.
  • Acquiring the best methods to capture the clinical data.
  • Patients are informed in advanced with readily available data

Key Verticals Segments of Life sciences and Medical devices Manufacturing

QAD provides the best quality industry focused solutions for the manufacturing companies. It covers vertical segments of the Life sciences & medical devices industry to become the adaptive enterprise.

Life Sciences Contract Manufacturing

Life Sciences Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturers provide manufacturing and other contract services to Life Sciences & medical device companies. Their key metrics are inventory reduction and satisfying customers.

Medical Devices & In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Manufacturers

Medical Devices & In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Manufacturers

IVD company manufactures the instruments used for screening and monitoring the disease. They should follow the clinical trends to overcome the competition

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

They invent and manufacture the medicines that cure the disease and protect from infections. They face global competitiveness, challenges in regulations and time to market.

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eNoah eNoah has a good understanding of Life Sciences & Medical Devices manufacturing industry. 10+ Years proven track records of providing best services. Industry focused service provider with skillful QAD consultants.

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