QAD Database Administration Services

  • DB Migration
  • DB Split and Consolidation
  • Performance fine-tuning
  • DR Setup and Crash recovery
  • Online backup
  • Progress DBA
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Back up and restoration

A Successful kick start of the implementation project fully depends upon a solid groundwork laid by the Database Administration team in installing and configuring the software and Enterprise Application.

Our DBA team can provide various support and services like, daily monitoring, DB fine-tuning, setting up a DR environment, disaster recovery, and also recommend a right size infrastructure that best suit your number of user and transaction volume with appropriate future planning.


Our Deliverables (Database Administration Services)

  1. Providing 24/7 DB support
  2. Maintenance of database structure/schema
  3. DB Backup & Restore
  4. DB Refresh
  5. Upgrade/Installation of Security patches, QAD patches, etc.,
  6. Administration on QAD menus, Roles & Permissions
  7. User & Printer administration at the application level
  8. Tomcat, App Servers, and Web Servers monitoring
  9. DB log files monitoring
  10. DB performance monitoring on BI file growth, long-running processes and transactions
  11. CPU usage monitoring
  12. Support for OS related issues like disk space & hanging processes

Why eNoah for Remote DBA Services?

eNoah is ISO 27001 certified & HIPAA Complaint company can provide effective Database Administration service based on the company’s requirement

  • 16+

    Years of QAD DBA Services

  • 6 to 20

    Experienced Administrators

  • 100+

    Dedicated QAD Personnel Globally

  • 20+

    Industry Verticals Solutions