SAP Business One - Recent GO LIVE of CustomersSAP Business One - Recent GO LIVE of Customers

With an unparalleled track record of achieving a 100% success rate, eNoah has emerged as a true pioneer in seamlessly implementing SAP Business One solutions for customers spanning diverse industries. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, expert implementation methodologies, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, eNoah has become the go-to partner for businesses seeking a transformative and glitch-free transition into the SAP Business One ecosystem.

Step into the future of streamlined operations, optimized workflows, and unmatched efficiency as eNoah leads you towards an exceptional Go LIVE experience that sets new industry standards.

SAP Business One HANA

Manufacturing Industry

Lightweight Composites Manufacturers

A global leader in lightweight composites manufacturing in Italy, serving the automobile, aerospace, and mobility industries, has successfully gone live with SAP Business One, implemented by eNoah. Our timely and successful implementation has enhanced operational efficiency for the customer.
SAP Business One HANA

Manufacturing Industry

Automotive Tyres Manufacturing

A global leader in the manufacturing of Off-Highway Solid and Pneumatic tyres has successfully gone live with SAP Business One HANA, implemented by eNoah! This marks a significant leap in operational efficiency and global service delivery for the customer.
SAP Business One HANA

Manufacturing Industry

Process Manufacturing (Ghee)

Discover the Finest Quality Pure Ghee from Tamil Nadu’s Premier Manufacturer & Exporter, Now Powered by SAP Business One HANA ERP!

Embark on a Digital Transformation Journey with eNoah’s Swift Implementation Services.

At eNoah, we take pride in being the Preferred ERP Partner for SMEs, Ensuring Seamless Operations and Enhanced Efficiency.

SAP Business One HANA

Manufacturing Industry

Leading Injection Molding Company

Remarkable milestone as Karnataka’s premier injection molding precision components manufacturer, powered by eNoah, goes live with SAP Business One HANA! Our seamless implementation has ignited excitement within their team, thanks to our commitment to on-time delivery. Cheers to a journey of operational transformation and accelerated growth!
SAP Business One

Manufacturing Industry

Leading Injection Molding Company

We are proud to announce that we have successfully implemented SAP Business One for a leading injection molding company in Chennai. This is a milestone achievement for eNoah and our client, who can now enjoy the benefits of a robust and integrated ERP solution. SAP Business One will help them streamline their operations, optimize their resources, and enhance their customer satisfaction.
SAP Business One HANA

Manufacturing Industry

Leading Gear Manufacturing Company

A high-quality gear manufacturing company relied on timely insights to manage its inventory, avoid stockouts, and promptly complete orders from customers.

With the successful SAP Business One go-live process by the eNoah team, they can now manage their operations effectively; and take timely, well-informed decisions to offer better value to customers.

eNoah has assisted them in focusing on their company goals, achieving profitable results, and using SAP Business One effectively.

SAP Business One HANA

Manufacturing Industry

Leading Precision Components Manufacturers

A manufacturer of precision components in Bangalore required a scalable ERP system to take their business to the next level. Since they implemented SAP Business One ERP software from eNoah, the company has improved efficiency in the financials, orders, customer satisfaction, and inventory management.

Additionally, the real-time insights from SAP Business One assist them in monitoring key metrics and adjusting their product lineup.SAP Business One ERP software from eNoah has enabled the company to take their business to the next level by enhancing their efficiency, customer satisfaction, and product quality.

SAP Business One HANA

Manufacturing Industry

Automotive Component Manufacturer

One of the most innovative and trusted automotive component manufacturers in Chennai, which designs cutting-edge and reliable products, has gone live with SAP Business One, a centralized IT system to streamline their business operations.

Furthermore, eNoah’s support for SAP Business One enhances end users’ usability, increases operational reliability, and strengthens asset protection for the business.

SAP Business One HANA

Leading Imported Orthopaedic Implants

Medical Device Instruments and Equipment’s Distributor

A leading orthopedic implant instrument distributor in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, needed an ERP system to boost its processes.

Therefore, they have gone live with SAP Business One ERP, the industry standard for medical instrument distribution companies.

With SAP Business One ERP, they have received a real-time approach to handling complicated order and inventory operations, as well as quality assurance with service and maintenance. They can also track and manage their sales, purchases, finances, and customer relationships more efficiently and accurately.

SAP Business One HANA

Leading Brands in Bangalore

Natural Food Manufacturing Company

A prominent manufacturer of natural food for pets and humans from Bangalore needed to improve efficiency, visibility, and control over a complicated mix of goods.

With SAP Business One ERP system, they have streamlined their production, inventory, sales, and accounting processes. They have also gained real-time insights into their business performance and customer demand. They can now manage their complex product portfolio with ease and efficiency.

SAP Business One

Leading Global Anaerobic

Wastewater Treatment Project Management Company

A preeminent global leader in anaerobic solutions based in Chennai, has seamlessly transitioned to the dynamic SAP Business One platform, facilitated by eNoah.

Our adept team of SAP experts meticulously planned and executed tailored solutions that precisely align with Paques India’s unique requirements and intricate challenges.

As a result of this strategic integration, the organization’s decision-makers are now empowered to access actionable data, curtail reporting expenses, and realize significant savings in ongoing environmental initiatives, all thanks to the robust capabilities of SAP Business One—an adaptable and scalable ERP solution.

SAP Business One HANA

Manufacturing Industry

Home Appliances Company

A prominent manufacturer of Home Appliances in Chennai has successfully embraced SAP Business One HANA, marking a pivotal step forward. Our dedicated SAP team diligently assessed their challenges and orchestrated the seamless integration of the ERP system, effectively bridging gaps that previously existed between their various departments.

Leveraging the robust capabilities of eNoah in conjunction with the advanced features of SAP Business One, including its potent analytics and comprehensive reporting functionalities, a noticeable transformation has taken place. Cooperation and communication within the company have experienced a tangible upswing, fostering an environment of enhanced collaboration and streamlined operations.

SAP Business One HANA

Manufacturing Industry

Japanese Automotive Components Manufacturers

The eNoah team has achieved a triumphant SAP Business One go-live implementation for a prominent Japanese-based manufacturer of automotive components.

This achievement has significantly enhanced the organization’s capacity to manage inventories effectively, monitor account receivables diligently, and optimize the overall operational workflow.

SAP Business One

One of the Popular Retail Stores in Chennai

Retail Industry

A prominent retail store located in Chennai has successfully integrated SAP Business One into its operations, effectively managing both point-of-sale and back-end functionalities.

As a result of this implementation, the store now enjoys seamless access to comprehensive product details, real-time inventory tracking, and a range of other features aimed at enhancing the overall customer experience.

Once again, the eNoah team has demonstrated its prowess by successfully completing another implementation process with an impeccable 100% success rate.

SAP Business One

A Leading Manufacturer and Exporter

Rubber Moulded Parts Manufacturers

The premier manufacturer of rubber-moulded parts in Chennai has successfully implemented SAP Business One, marking a significant stride towards the efficient management of their operations.

The eNoah team has seamlessly provided a robust system that adeptly stores and manages all essential data and resources, ensuring swift and impeccable processes.

Continuing to provide steadfast support, our engagement empowers them to direct their focus squarely on achieving their corporate objectives.

SAP Business One

Manufacturing Industry

Leading Trailer Manufacturers

A frontrunner among trailer manufacturers in Chennai, SIPCOT, has successfully transitioned to SAP Business One, a significant milestone in their operational journey.

Our team of seasoned experts collaboratively engaged with departmental leaders, meticulously identifying challenges, and tailoring the system to align seamlessly with their distinct business prerequisites.

As an ongoing commitment, eNoah persistently offers hands-on support, facilitating the expansion of the business and the realization of its strategic objectives.

SAP Business One

Manufacturing Industry

Vacuum Packaging Machines Manufacturer

A distinguished manufacturer specializing in Vacuum Packaging machines, based in Cochin, Kerala, has made the strategic choice of adopting SAP Business One through eNoah.

Our accomplished implementation process has paved the way for streamlining intricate procedures, including cost management and real-time tracking of material availability.

The unwavering support provided by eNoah ensures that the organization optimally utilizes the system, fostering enhanced operational efficiency and overall effectiveness.

SAP Business One

One of the Leading Medical Devices Manufacturers

Medical Devices Manufacturers

A prominent medical equipment manufacturer based in Madurai has embraced SAP Business One, facilitated by eNoah.

The integration of the SAP Business One ERP system has fostered stronger ties between staff and suppliers, attributed to enhanced reporting capabilities and the provision of meticulously accurate stock and sales data.

SAP Business One

Manufacturing Industry

Sheet Metal Auto Parts Manufacturers

eNoah is delighted to announce the successful virtual implementation of SAP Business One for a distinguished sheet metal auto parts manufacturer based in Chennai.

This milestone achievement empowers our customer to streamline and optimize their core business processes, gain invaluable real-time insights into their operations, and make informed decisions with confidence, all thanks to the robust capabilities of SAP Business One.

We firmly believe that our collaborative efforts will continue to flourish, propelling both parties toward even greater levels of success and innovation.

SAP Business One HANA

Global Leader of Specialty Medical Devices

Medical Device Manufacturers

eNoah takes great pride in announcing the successful completion of the SAP Business One HANA Go Live process for a distinguished global leader in specialty medical device manufacturing.

Our heartfelt congratulations extend to our dedicated SAP team, whose unwavering efforts have played a pivotal role in this exceptional implementation.

We eagerly anticipate the continued collaboration with our esteemed client, as we remain committed to providing comprehensive support in harnessing the full potential of SAP Business One, ensuring their journey towards enduring success.

SAP Business One

Medical Devices Industry

Medical Equipment Manufacturers

eNoah has successfully achieved the Go Live milestone for SAP Business One HANA with a prominent Medical Equipment Manufacturer based in Chennai.

This accomplishment underscores our unwavering commitment to providing our customers with impactful and streamlined solutions.

Our accomplished team of SAP experts played a pivotal role in facilitating operational streamlining, furnishing real-time insights, and empowering data-driven decision-making for the client.

SAP Business One

One of the Leading Aircraft Component

Aircraft Component Manufacturers

Yet another remarkable milestone accomplished by eNoah’s dedicated SAP team!

The seamless Go Live of SAP Business One HANA has been achieved for a prominent Aircraft Components manufacturer spanning Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Our heartfelt congratulations go out to our exceptional team for this outstanding achievement, and we eagerly anticipate our ongoing collaboration as they continue to chart a path toward continued success.

SAP Business One

A Leading Bulk Bags Manufacturer

Bulk Bags Manufacturers

A Remarkable Feat by eNoah’s SAP Team!

We take immense pride in our exceptional accomplishment of executing a swift implementation for Bulk Bag manufacturers in an astonishingly short span of just 4 weeks.

This achievement underscores our profound understanding of the intricate requirements and unique challenges faced by FIBC bulk bag manufacturers.

Our valued customer is poised to reap the rewards of an integrated and scalable solution, poised to elevate productivity, foster growth, and enhance overall business performance.

SAP Business One

Engineering & Consulting Industry

Solar Power Plant Industries

Yet another triumphant SAP Business One implementation by eNoah, this time for a preeminent ISO-certified solar power plant engineering and consulting company based in Chennai.

eNoah’s steadfast efforts have bestowed upon them a robust ERP solution, effectively streamlining operations, amplifying productivity, and propelling growth.

We take great satisfaction in this accomplishment and remain committed to delivering continuous support as they strive to accomplish their goals.

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Quick ERP Implementation

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Realtime Analytics & Reports

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Affordable & Scalable

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