How SAP Business One ERP helps Aerospace & Defense Industry to overcome its challenges?

How SAP Business One ERP helps Aerospace & Defense Industry to overcome its challenges?

Aerospace & Defense is one of the fastest-growing industries which involves intense competition. In this industry, all the parts and logistics suppliers must strictly adhere to compliance standards, global supply chains, aggressive delivery cycles, and a highly cynical sales process. Since this industry is very complex and competitive in nature, it is very much essential to meet and document the compliance requirements. If in case, it fails to meet the compliance requirements, there will be a huge negative impact on the supply chain performance, vendor relationships as well as the profitability.

In order to be more successful, all the manufacturing and distribution companies must be amalgamated with their products as well as their vendors. The company can turn more efficiently and improve the day to day business operations with the use of a solution that integrates general business management processes along with the unique traceability requirements and project management complexities.

Challenges faced by Aerospace & Defense Industry

Since this industry has been an ever-growing one, there will be a quick business expansion. In this case, the company will be in turmoil when it comes to managing all their manufacturing processes. They need to run various systems which in turn provides inadequate data about the products and also gives minimal visibility of the supply chain. Eventually, this poses a problem for auditing as well as checking for compliance regulations, by making it more time-consuming and inaccurate.

Therefore, the biggest challenges faced by this are,

  • Difficulty in tracking Parts & Certifications: The company will be unable to provide the exact status of the parts. Moreover, they may also find it difficult to track the parts that have been certified and even in finding their respective certifications.
  • Meeting Compliance Regulations: The companies from this industry face lots of troubles to keep track of all the compliance requirements. That too, manual checking of parts turns out to be a time taking the process as well as have potential for errors.
  • Poor relationship with suppliers: The companies may find difficult to have open communication with their suppliers. Therefore, suppliers would not be getting the required information from the companies, but it is very much necessary for them to get up to date information about the business they are involved.

All the above challenges faced by the companies were mainly due to lack of integration of the systems. Hence, to overcome these challenges, SAP Business One is highly essential, as it is a standard ERP solution to streamline the business operations as well as improve the visibility.

Benefits of SAP Business One – Aerospace ERP

  • Easy tracking: Sap Business One highly helps in tracking the products from the time of creation until the shipment and returns. Since the items are being tagged, the company will be aware of all the information attached to the product and it is also accessible virtually from anywhere.
  • Adaptable: As SAP Business One can be configured with regards to the business requirements, there would not be any problem in tracing the requirements, licensing information as well as safety regulations.
  • Good rapport with customers and vendors: SAP Business One ERP helps the companies to maintain good rapport with the customers and vendors by providing all the information via reporting, customized web forms as well as automated workflow.

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