SAP Business One ERP – Game Changer for the Pharma & Health Care Industry?

SAP Business One ERP – Game Changer for the Pharma & Health Care Industry?

SAP Business One is an ERP solution specifically made to help SMEs with integrating all their processes in a single solution.

Improve Supply Chain Management:

  • An ERP solution can ensure that you have the inventory of all the required supplies at all times.
  • Its inventory management features make it easy to see if there are any shortages and can instantly tell you if you must buy more supplies. You can also manage your suppliers through SAP Business One with ease.

 Improve Patient Management and Care:

  • Patient care is the most critical aspect for those in the Pharmaceutical industry. One of the biggest advantages of using SAP Business One is its ability to store vast amounts of patient information, and transfer it between different departments in the hospital or even different healthcare providers.
  • By ensuring all the patient information is readily available, payments will be collected quickly from insurance companies. Furthermore, doctors will be able to correctly diagnose their patients and offer more tailored treatments to patients according to detailed medical histories and lab information.

Gain Insights:

  • The software has integrated analytics and a reporting function. This will help to increase efficiency because SAP Business One identifies the area that can be improved and monitors whether the solutions used to fix problems have been effective.
  • Furthermore, you can use predictive analytics to plan for the future. SAP Business One can collect information from a number of sources to assist medical research.

Cut Costs:

  • SAP Business One can help you cut costs by streamlining all your process. It can highlight areas that can be improved to become more cost-efficient.
  • Additionally, it can help you manage your finances more effectively, and reduce administrative or inventory errors because of the software’s monitoring abilities. Automating processes will free up time for doctors/nurses and increase the time they can spend with patients.

Meet Regulations:

Health Care service providers have a wide range of regulations to be in compliance with. SAP Business One will help to ensure that all these regulations are met and the proper rules are implemented.

In order to perfectly customize SAP Business One to your needs, you will need the help of a certified SAP partner. eNoah will help you through all your implementation needs, from customization, training to support services post-implementation. We have a decade of experience and our expert employees will ensure your transition to SAP Business One runs smoothly.

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