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Ready Mix Concrete Industry

SAP Business One for Readymix Concrete Industry

Ready Mix concrete plant owners face challenges of maintaining low operating cost while trying to deliver to their far reached customers.

Variance in production cost and low visibility on delivery process causes huge revenue leakage for plant owners and managers.

With multiple fleets and plant location, business owners are torn between meeting customer demands and effective management of raw materials.

The closing of books is the biggest concern of business owners, less transparency of progress on the material movement delays the invoicing process.

An ERP solution gives the plant owners a magnified real-time update from mixing of ingredients to delivery of finished product.

With SAP Business One solution, it gives information on the go keeping the management and line works informed.

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Ready Mix Concrete GST Ready ERP – The Key Modules

Preventive maintenance solution and accurate costing guarantees better ROI. And our siloed architecture for factories, fleet and quarries provide custom solution addressing each department needs while seamlessly integrating into a central information center.

Quarry Production Module:

Instant and complete business information on inventory, a visual display of stocks based on color, id, and quantity

Schwing Stetter:

Identify and track accurately your cement consumption statistics at any point of time.

Way bridge:

An Automated weighbridge integration system will calculate weight of material, lorry and capture the time and date of receipt and transport with mere entry of lorry number

Fleet Management:

  • Fitness certificate
  • Vehicle master data
  • Trip sheet
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Fuel log
  • Spare parts
  • Driver information
  • Fitness certificate

Production Screen:

Crusher- line wise Finished goods ratio

Ready Mix Concrete Industry

Ready mix Concrete Case Study

Customer Profile:

  • Turn Over 400+ Crores
  • Two Quarries
  • 100 Trucks in fleet
  • 8 Ready mix units

Challenges Faced:

  • Customer used a homegrown system
  • Production Costing was not accurate
  • Weigh bridge integration was not there


  • Solutions Deployed in 2011. Customer uses solution since 5 years and satisfied as it addresses business needs
  • Quarry Production Module – Weigh bridge integration, Production costing,
  • Fleet Management – Vehicle master data, preventive maintenance, fuel log,
    Spare parts, driver information, fitness certificate, trip sheet

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