What should Pharmaceutical companies look for in an ERP solution?

What should Pharmaceutical companies look for in an ERP solution?

ERP solutions are flexible and can be molded to fit the specific requirements of a company or an industry. Pharmaceutical companies will have many requirements unique to their operations.

These are some specific things a pharmaceutical company should look to implement into their ERP solution.

  1. Customized solution: Firstly, you can customize your ERP to have a system to manage laboratory information and laboratory testing. This will help to automate your R&D and administrative tasks, create reports and test the calibration of your equipment all with one simple solution. As a result, you will be able to reduce errors from manual processes and have more accurate data in real-time.
  2. Clinical trial management: It is an essential part of operations. It requires careful planning, scheduling, and data management to ensure that the trials go smoothly. An ERP solution can be modified to automate and clarify this process for your company.
  3. Supplier management: There are features that can be implemented into your ERP solution to ease documentation and improve supplier management.
  4. Drug supply chain management: Furthermore, the supply chain is a critical problem in this industry. Your ERP solution can support drug tracking and trace your drug to ensure that your products are delivered through a secure path and no drug tampering occurs.
  5. Patent management: Patents are crucial for a pharmaceutical company to last in this competitive industry. ERP solutions can help to manage your patents, organize and simplify this process.
  6. Helps to secure the ingredients and formula: Keeping drug formulas and ingredients a secret is an important aspect for pharmaceutical companies before they receive patents for the drugs that are being tested. You can tailor your ERP solution to fit this need by not clearly defining your ingredients.
  7. Customer-centric: eNoah, a certified partner of SAP Business One, can help to ensure that your ERP solution is perfectly tailored to your needs. Our expert experience and keen customer-centric approach will help us deliver your every requirement from your ERP solution.

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