Compliance Management and Audits

Compliance Management and Audits

When it comes to business no one is above the law. In the era where information is wealth, we have to ensure that information is secure. For this we need to follow certain legal rules and regulations. We need to first know and understand what rules and regulations are available and to be followed in all aspects of business like sales, operations, advertising, handling customer data etc. in order to be compliant and avoid legal issues, loss of business we need to know about the rules and what needs to be done. It is not the job of a particular person or team to ensure but rather the job of each and every person in the organization. This is where Compliance Management system comes into place. It is a set of manuals, processes that are in place to educate and ensure compliance for each person in the company. Not having a proper compliance management system will result in loss of credibility, business, revenue or all of the above.

Organization Pain Points in Compliance Management


Knowing the rules and regulations to be followed


Understanding what is appropriate for your business.


Preparing the necessary compliance documents and processes


Educating employees about compliance


Constantly checking for compliance across organization

How eNoah’s Team Can Help?

  • Educate the top management
  • Understand your business and identify what suits your needs
  • Prepare manuals and set processes for your organization
  • Educate employess about their roles and responsibilites with regard to compliance
  • Do regular audits and ensure your organization is compliant
  • Aid you in getting your compliance certification
  • Keep updating your compliance management system according to current standards
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