Case Management Services

Case Management Services

Our team of insurance experts has over 25 years of experience in the field of case management. They work closely with clients to develop streamlined processes that meet clients’ unique needs without disrupting corporate culture. Their goal is to unlock value through faster time service, good customer experience, and the adoption of industry best practices.

We simplify the agency’s role by managing Life Insurance cases from submission to commission. Unconditional case follow-ups, constant touch-bases with insurance carriers’ case coordinators, better reviews by underwriters, and satisfactory premiums lead to quick case completion and a high placement ratio.

For inforce policies, we benefit insurance agents with premium reminders, grace period notifications, lapse follow-ups, conversion options, and surrender values.

We also support brokerages by contracting agents with insurance carriers, commission reconciliations, reimbursement, and debt recovery.

Case Management Activities

eNoah performs the following case management services for insurance carriers, agents, BGAs, and case managers.

1) Review, Scrub & Process Insurance Applications

  • Identify NIGO (Not in Good Order) & IGO (In Good Order) applications & process accordingly.
  • Determine what information is received on the application and what information is missing, outstanding or required.
  • Data entry of applications into CRM.
  • Submit applications to carrier.

2) Place Orders

  • For medical exams and APS/medical records.
  • Download and update additional forms as requested by the Carriers.

3) Coordinate with Agents or with BGA Case Manager

  • On requirement replies, questions, and form requests.

4) Provide Feedback to BGA Case Manager

  • On any negative action taken by the carrier.

5) Update Modal and Target Premiums

  • Face value and plan details before placing case in force.

6) Check Carrier Websites

  • Update changes to the cases in CMS overnight.

7) Post Updates and Send To-Do List to Case Managers

Familiarity with Latest Tools and Methods

eNoah’s case workers are qualified, highly trained professionals familiar with carrier and vendor portals and cognizant with the use of common industry applications and tools, including:

One HQ

Case Management Services – Process Flow

Receive Illustration Quote request

1. Receiving Forms and Entry in CRM

  • New application forms will be received via eNoah’s secure share file website.
  • All the details from the application form will be keyed into the CRM based on the BGA’s guidelines.
  • All the default requirements will be added in the CRM based on the carrier-specific UW guidelines. Medical Exam and APS will be ordered from the relevant vendor websites if necessary.
Check for all required information

2. Packet Scrubbing and Completion

  • Entire application packet will be scrubbed and all the missing information will be added in the CRM.
  • Application packet will be moved into the completed folder. Case manager will be notified of status via activities report. Case manager will submit the application packet to the insurance carrier.
  • Coordinate with Advisor if desired.
Running Illustrations

3. Status Verification

  • Regular follow-up will be done within the vendor website to verify the status of the Exam and APS.
  • Once it is completed, paperwork will be downloaded from the respective vendor website and sent to the BGA case manager.
  • The BGA Case manager will send the paperwork to the insurance carrier unless otherwise instructed.
  • The Case manager will send the paperwork to the insurance carrier.
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4. Additional Requirements & Follow-up:

  • Based on the follow-up schedule, status of the case will be checked within the insurance carrier. If the underwriter orders any additional requirements, those will be added in the CRM. Case manager will send memo to the agent to get all those requirements.
  • Regular thorough follow-up will be done until the policy is approved.
  • Issue and delivery requirements will be added and followed up based on the BGA’s advice.

Value Proposition

Turnaround time for the vast majority of case management services is 48 hours, depending on the complexity of the job. Almost 98% of the cases are completed during the same business day. Day-end orders are delivered before the start of the next business day.

Improved Profitability

Improved Profitability

Improved Process Efficiency

Improved Process Efficiency

Improved Cash flow

Improved Cash flow

Reduce Cycle Time

Reduce Cycle Time

Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost

eNoah’s Unique Engagement Model


Fractional FTE at Attractive Cost

eNoah has tailor-made programs with partial resources trained for both business functions. You pay for only half FTE to handle the transactions.

Hybrid Model

Hybrid Model

If volumes are between half FTE and full FTE, our unique engagement model enables clients to pay for only half FTE with transaction-based pricing.

Transactional Model

Fixed FTE Model

A dedicated full FTE resource, who will be perfect fit to process all the cases and bigger volumes.

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