Licensing Support Services

In the licensing industry, it is critical to monetize assets while safeguarding their proprietary rights. We strive to equip licensors and licensing agents alike with tools and services to reach consumers around the globe. You can trust us to protect your brand identity, reduce cost, increase royalty revenue, and improve quality, creating management bandwidth for you through our bundled offering of business support services and solutions

Licensing – Industry Life Cycle


Business Support Services and Technology Solutions

We take care of your large repository of images and contents, ranging from archival to marketing


Asset Management Services

  • Taxonomy Management
  • Asset Archiving
  • Data, Content, Asset Entry, and Migration
  • Artwork Review
  • Digital Asset Management

Licensing support services

  • Contracts Administration
  • Royalty Management
  • General Business Audits & Controls
  • Business Development Research

Litigation support services

  • Document review & analysis
  • e-Discovery
  • Drafting complaints
  • Factual research
  • Data capture
  • Bibliographic coding
  • In-text coding

Legal Research and Analysis

  • Gathering and summary of legal information such as case law decisions
  • Management of continually updated legal content databases
  • Client-specific legal research
  • Legal data processing
  • Accurate data organization with different client databases and document management systems
  • Review of documents in electronic format

MIS & Marketing Services

  • Report Generation
  • Marketing – email campaign, newsletter, and search engine optimization
  • Review and Audit
  • General Accounting
  • Account Payable & Receivable

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Patent Search
  • Patent Analysis
  • Patent Support Services
  • Trademark Search and Analysis

Why eNoah?

Our experience working with Fortune 500 companies is a testimony to our clients’ trust in our services and solutions. Our leading clientele from the automotive, manufacturing, and entertainment industries have been listed in 2015 Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies.”

We believe in partnership by choice. While you focus on your core business concerns, we offer cost-effective solutions with high-quality results for the mundane tasks: maneuvering and managing assets, contracts, and rights.

17+ Years of Experience

Global Presence

Good Decision-Making Insights

Reduce Time to Market

Powerful Collaboration Tools

Our Benefits


Focus on core business – effective build-up to business model expansion


Reduced dependence on outside counsel for non-strategic services


Improved invoicing & cash flow


Cost-effective integration of business processes

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