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eNoah’s initiatives positively impact lives in addition to businesses. We have a number of community development funding and enrichment initiatives in place at different geographical locations.

eNoah CSR Activities

Via our own charity wing, eNoah makes a conscious effort to assist with the community’s urgent needs in education, health, and financial aid. We also partner with other like-minded charitable non-profit and non-governmental organizations to serve impoverished communities.

The principle of corporate responsibility and sustainability is reflected in our team members and every one of our business services. Our corporate responsibility principle informs our business ethics, shared values, strong and loyal relationships with our clients, employee satisfaction, communities, and internal work environment.

eNoah respects both local and international laws and regulations, including Indian labor organization fundamentals for labor standards.

eNoah’s Community Involvement

  • For the past 5 years, our active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program has engaged with local NGOs and non-profit organizations to teach IT skills to underprivileged youngsters from poor economic backgrounds.
  • Our employee volunteers serve meals and spend time with economically disadvantaged “special needs” children.
  • On their birthdays, team members choose to donate time and money to a local orphanage of their choice.
  • Blood donation camps are organized twice a year.
  • Fundraising schemes through VSS (Voluntary Social Service) are instituted for specific community improvement projects.

Employee Outreach (EBC)

eNoah provides employees with the opportunity to look above and beyond the call of daily routine work, encouraging them to be a part of the company’s social initiatives. Volunteers are the key movers of all outreach programs and are involved in several of our CSR initiatives.

eNoah also provides “payroll contribution to a worthy cause.” This program channels employee contributions, as well as equal company contributions, to support the differently abled, poor, and deserving population in the community.

VCSS (Voluntary Community Service Scheme)

Voluntary Community Service Scheme

A community development scheme managed by management representatives and employees, with contributions from both, VCSS caters to the needs of neighboring communities.

Contributions include:

  • Construction of buildings for the elderly/child orphanages/Traditional Schools (Gurukulams)
  • Providing basic needs
  • Contributing stationery supplies, school bags, and books
  • Taking care of tuition and exam fees
  • Donating clothes and furniture

eNoah Education Programme

eNoah Education Programme

Catapult Young Minds with IT Power

Catapult YOUNG MINDS with IT power is a technology learning initiative organized by eNoah along with local NGO Udhavum Ullangal in Chennai, India. This eNoah Initiative was launched with the aim of nurturing young capable minds through e-education.

St.Louis is a special school for the hearing and the visually impaired students run by a world renowned educational organization called Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel. eNoah’s team members provide volunteering services by writing class tests for the blind and reading to them.

Empowering Other NGOs

We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to all eNoah employees for their monthly contribution.

Udhavam Ullangal

eNoah donates every month towards charity activities at Udhavam Ullangal.

Amar Seva Sangam

Every month eNoah sponsors a Day’s meal to the Amar Seva Sangam residents.

Akshaya Patra

Every month, eNoah donates 75 kgs of Toor Dal and 100 kgs of raw rice to the Sriram Matriculation School through the Hare Krishna Movement

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