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eNoah is a consulting led Technology and Business process outsourcing company, combining unmatched experience and comprehensive capabilities.

eNoah is a one stop-solution for top-notch litigation support and paralegal services to the lawyers and law firms across the globe, with a market presence of more than a decade

eNoah’s resources help Corporates and Law firms reduce the cost of Legal Services and provide on time deliveries. eNoah’s talented Attorneys have experience in taking care of major intermediate steps of litigation, including drafting of Production Responses, Interrogatories etc. for Property Insurance, Personal Injury and Bankruptcy matters.

eNoah’s services are cost effective and ensures high level of data protection, being compliant to ISO, 6-Sigma, SOX, 5S, HIPAA, and SAS 70.

eNoah has got your back, if you are looking for a steadfast and world class legal outsourcing company offering wide-range of legal services to clients worldwide.

LPO Services Offered by eNoah


Litigation Support

  • Scrutinizing the litigation documents, such as complaints and petition appeals
  • Abstracting the relevant information, such as docket number, case name, date of hearing etc.
  • Managing the appearances and ADR proceedings
  • Calendaring Deadlines and Trials

Case Management Support

Our resources are skilled and highly trained in managing case records on the software including, but not limited to:

  • Trial Works
  • My Case
  • Perfect Practice

Drafting Support

  • Complaints and Petition Appeals
  • Answers to Production Requests
  • Answers to Interrogatories
  • Answers to Admission Requests
  • Drafting of Motions and orders
  • Civil Remedy Notices
  • Reviewing 341 Recording
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Demand Letters
  • Proof of Service

Paralegal Support

  • Setting up of Files and Folders
  • Organizing of Court-mails/E-filed Document
  • Updating point of Contacts
  • Maintaining Attorney Time sheets.
  • E-filing

Litigation Support Services for Bankruptcy Attorneys

1. Litigation Support Services (Paralegal Assistance)

  • Intake Package Management
  • Drafting Pre-litigation Docs
  • Tracking Court Proceedings
  • Debtors Follow-ups

Drafting Legal Documents

  • Complaints
  • Initial Settlement Demands
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Discovery Documents
  • Notices
  • Opposing papers including motions, cross-motions and objections
  • Dismissal Documents

2. Information Management and Summarization

Create a summary of medical records, recorded over a period of years. This helps in assessing a medical condition of a person to support any litigation process. Summarization depends on the type of Litigation such as:

  • Workman Compensation
  • Denial of Insurance
  • Litigation due to health conditions

3. Deposition Preparation and Summarization

Deposition preparation or witness statement involves preparing a questionnaire that is asked to the deponent. Court reporters transcribe verbal depositions in the Court. This transcript explains in detail, the conversation that take place between the deponent and the attorney. The transcript deposition needs to be summarized, for convenience. Deposition summary are of two types:

  • General summarization: Summarization of the whole deposition.
  • Specific summarization: Summarization of specific portions as per client requirements

4. Contract Abstraction, Review & Management

The Contract generally includes name of the parties, the termination clause, time of discharge, mode of discharge, mode of payment, time of payment, exceptions etc. The Contract generally includes name of the parties, the termination clause, time of discharge, mode of discharge, mode of payment, time of payment, exceptions etc.

Contract management involves abstraction of the contract, managing and reporting the changes to the client as the changes come into existence

5. Legal Research

Legal research involves two tasks. First, observing the facts of the case and analyze them in lieu of the statutes and legislation in force. Second is to find precedents or previously decided cases with similar facts to determine the view of courts over the particular type of matter. In some cases a brief of the case is prepared and submitted in the Court on the basis on this research.

Legal research include :

  • Case Law research
  • Statutory Law research
  • Legislative History research
  • Regulatory & Administrative Law research
  • Jury verdict & Settlement research using Lexis and West law

6. Miscellaneous Services

Other processes that eNoah have capabilities. Some examples:

  • Judgment review and summary
  • Analysis and summarization of decided cases
  • Template Drafting – Drafting templates for websites that sell legal forms online.
  • Legal Data Processing
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