Medical Records Retrieval

Our team of Medical Records Retrieval Service professionals is experienced and well-trained to assist your office in obtaining all types of medical records.

Medical Records Retrieval

Our team of medical records retrieval professionals is experienced and well-trained to assist your office in obtaining all types of medical records and providing attending physician statements.

APS Retrieval Services

  • Retrieving APS medical records is a notoriously cumbersome task, bogging most companies down with the time, labor, and financial resources it requires. As a leading Medical Records Retrieval company, we offer fast and dependable APS Retrieval service, freeing your resources from this heavy load.
  • Our experts have painstakingly developed a fail-proof, time-tested method of speedy and effective communication with medical records custodians at hospitals, clinics, and physicians’ offices. This method dramatically expedites the entire medical records retrieval process, ensuring record quick turnaround times without compromising accuracy. Our thorough review process authenticates every detail of the request and matches the request to the records received.
  • Because of new developments in technology and increasingly stringent security measures, confidential data needs to be in safe hands. In accordance with the regulatory guidelines of PHI and HIPAA Privacy Rules, eNoah holds to the highest standards of certification to ensure privacy that satisfies even the most demanding clients.

We have developed a structured, cost-effective, technology-driven solution to address all your APS Medical Record Retrieval challenges and to increase overall business efficiency. Our streamlined APS Medical Record Retrieval Process benefits all US healthcare providers, BGAs, attorneys, and healthcare insurance organizations.

eNoah’s Unique Value Propositions:

Our solution to address all your APS Medical Record Retrieval challenges is structured, cost-effective, and technology-driven, promising to increase your overall business efficiency.

1. Cost Effective, Quick, and Efficient Medical Records Retrieval

  • Our highly skilled, trained, and experienced healthcare professionals can think on their feet to present alternatives and solutions for rapid record retrieval in less than a week
  • Best-in-business fee negotiation skills
  • Competitive, affordable cost
  • In the last 11 years, we have retrieved nearly a million records. Our business is expanding exponentially, fueled by our impeccable industry track record in the APS Medical Records Retrieval field.

2. Nationwide Coverage 

  • Our enormous knowledge management database, developed over years of experience, includes the addresses and contact details of over 10,000 hospitals and clinics across the US. This dynamic list is constantly updated

3. Technology-Driven Solution

  • Our software platform manages business processes.
  • Our proprietary Medical Record Retrieval Tool™ reduces paper transactions, cuts down processing time, and provides the real-time status of each request.

4. High Quality, Reliable Service

  • We are committed to creating a positive experience by providing a consolidated operational environment and setting superior service-level expectations.
  • We systematically track performance against established norms to ensure reliability and use our proprietary tools and methodologies to improve operational efficiency.
  • Adherence to HIPAA compliance PHI policies. eNoah is HIPAA and TUV Rheinland ISO 27001 certified.

eNoah’s Support Functions

Data Entry & Data Validation

  • Validate data by cross-referencing web request form with the database
  • Match patient name on request form to signed HIPAA authorization
  • Locate doctor/facility phone number through web research, if necessary

Initial Contact / Verification

  • Verify doctor/facility name, address, and fax number
  • Check requirement on HIPAA/special authorization/LOR/additional documents
  • Establish payment method/negotiation – credit card/check
  • Verify Verify copy service and turnaround time.
  • Update call outcome on the client application

Status & Follow-up

  • Confirm receipt of request/prepayment
  • Check for additional document/payment
  • Verify turnaround time and update call outcome on the client application

Quality Check & Chronological Organization

  • Confirm patient name, DOB, and SSN with request
  • Check image quality & rearrange records, if required
  • Stack medical records in chronological order, reverse chronological order, and by document type (first progress notes, then diagnostics, etc.)

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Unique Engagement Model

Fractional FTE at Attractive Cost
eNoah has tailor-made programs with partial resources who are trained for both business functions. You only pay for half FTE to handle the transactions.
Hybrid Model
If your volumes are between half FTE and full FTE, with our unique engagement model, you will only pay for half FTE with transaction-based pricing.

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