Salesforce CRM Services

Salesforce CRM Services

Salesforce CRM offers a variety of features that can help transform your business and enable global collaboration, ranging from forecasting and analytics to easy document sharing and contact and partner management.

Based on extensive experience with the software, eNoah provides end-to-end services that help you leverage Salesforce for maximum benefit by aligning its processes with your business strategies. Our solutions are thorough and comprehensive: we can set up a cloud-based CRM tool, customize it to suit client needs, integrate it with other applications, migrate data from legacy systems, and perform maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

Salesforce CRM Tools


Customization and Integration

eNoah has a wealth of experience tailoring Salesforce’s high customizability to suit the unique needs of individual organizations across different business and industry verticals and integrating it with multi-platform and multi-ERP applications.

Our team will design solutions tailored to your specific business needs and requirements, ranging from advanced automation functions and integration with in-house applications to expanded functionality of your existing Salesforce solution and data interface development for Salesforce apps.


eNoah can mobilize and automate the routine activities of the sales force, customer executives, and field representatives, connecting the front-end and back-end of your business and enabling a real-time, comprehensive flow of information between both entities using a graphical dashboard and summary reports. The final result is complete end-to-end automation, integrating the planning and execution of field staff activities with the availability of critical business information.

eNoah can help you leverage Salesforce to plan and execute automated sales routine workflows for target market and streamline order taking and invoicing processes using functions like automated sales planning, barcode scanning, and Bluetooth printer integration. Salesforce can apply up-to-date deals and promotions with an automated validation process and manage client feedback by creating surveys and collecting market information.



Our team will assist you in migrating data from legacy systems (cloud or on-premise) and other CRMs to Salesforce. We offer complete data migration and synchronization, as well as data cleansing and transformation. Based on our experience with data extraction and deduplication, we will ensure a smooth transition.


Our dedicated and experienced team for production support and maintenance will assist you with administrative and development issues, attending to incidents and providing customizations.

eNoah will help you develop streamlined practices by monitoring your implementation of Salesforce, identifying areas of improvement, and recommending courses of action. We also offer ongoing administration and maintenance services, including user and security management, standard and custom maintenance, data management, and package maintenance. With training and help desk support, we help you to realize Salesforce’s full potential and optimize end-user adoption, the most important factor in any CRM implementation.


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