Inforce Policy Services

Inforce Policy Services for Life and Annuity

eNoah aims to help our customers increase revenue as well as customer loyalty. By offering Inforce Policy Retrieval, Management, and support services for both Life and Annuity products, eNoah goes through the grueling process of gathering policy information directly from the carrier, so that your agents can focus on harnessing the most important relationships, their customers.

eNoah’s unique multi-pronged approach of retrieving information from the website as well as calling the carriers helps procure all the important information and status. Many of our BGA Managers look to work with eNoah as we are able to provide the data with multiple search parameters, easily sorted in a way that they can access the most important information for their decision making.

Inforce Policy Gathering – Process Flow

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1. Book of Business Received from Agency

  • Upon receipt of your book of business with current policies, policy number and plan, policy owner information, agent information, and additional fields of inquiry, eNoah will customize each set of content required according to your initiatives and goals.
Check for all required information

2. Check for Internal Policy Information

  • By utilizing your CRM, eNoah is able to retrieve critical policy and agent information to be able to retrieve information directly from the carrier.
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3. Retrieve External Policy Information

  • eNoah knows where to go using a combination of calling and manual online retrieval, eNoah will provide the information preferred for your agency’s individual customer needs.
    • Lapse Date
    • Surrender Value
    • Options for Conversion
    • And More
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4. Scrub &/or Update CRM and Return Book of Business:

  • eNoah scrubs and organizes the policy information in a format determined most beneficial for the purposes of your agency.

eNoah’s unique methodology of offering support as an extension of your team helps Agents focus on their future business without forgetting about their inforce business.  Customers can leverage a comprehensive report of current policy information, and therefore ensuring the best opportunity to retain and obtain repeat business.  Current policy owners who are aware of the benefits of the products offered are more likely to remain loyal when approached to purchase again. This loyalty promotes a healthy rate of renewed and future business.

Value Proposition

eNoah’s goal is to provide our customers with a value-added strategy that can support the maintenance and growth of any business.

Improved Profitability

Improved Profitability

Improved Process Efficiency

Improved Process Efficiency

Improved Cash flow

Improved Cash Flow

Reduce Cycle Time

Reduce Cycle Time

Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost

Negate the Blackhole of Inforce Services. Let eNoah Navigate the Space.

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