eSmart CRM

eSmart CRM

Break through Boundaries in your CRM approach with eSmart from eNoah! eSmart is eNoah’s Industry trailblazing Cloud and software solution for all your Customer Relationship Management needs no matter how simple or complex.Connect to your customers and your data anywhere,anytime with eSmart- intelligently designed to be highly user friendly and supremely scalable. Read through the features and see for yourself how it can radically transform your CRM paradigm .Pure genius!

Some Common Challenges faced by Company Management worldwide:

  • Operating from different geographical locations hinders easy tracking of leads and regional comparison
  • Increasing Sales team efficiency
  • Unable to track monthly company sales without using Excel for calculations
  • Not having One Point Access Real time dashboard information on all leads
  • Lacking configurable tool to roll out new services / products
  • Solving the above issues without increasing marketing costs

Our Solution

  • Real time multi-faceted graphical lead dashboards
  • Track sales by region / sales team
  • Clear visibility on sales pipeline
  • Ability to track leads to sale conversion month by month
  • Improved customer experience
  • Instant notifications
  • Low cost ownership
  • Easy to market new services / products
  • Quick Reports

Sales Team


  • Track all leads and update statuses easily
  • Need to maintain contacts easily through bulk import
  • Provide accurate sales forecast to management
  • Show management clear visibility of sales pipeline

Our Solution

  • Easy to manage contacts
  • Easy to create and track leads
  • Efficiently follow up and close leads
  • Smart way to communicate with pre-sales team for sales support
  • Provide accurate sales forecast to management
  • Generate instant reports by category eg. region wise, sales, sales manager / executive
  • Multiple lead indicators to categorize leads



  • Lacking operation dashboard
  • Need Efficient tool to manage resources
  • Need an easy way to assign projects / tasks & track them
  • Need instant notifications for leads / projects / tasks generated / updated

Our Solution

  • Easy to assign jobs to team
  • Smart tool to track projects / tasks within the team
  • Get instant notification on work statuses
  • Restricted access to project teams
  • Flexi search
  • Effective communication within the project team
  • Easy to store and retrieve project / lead documents within the system
  • Simple and easy way to track payments received and invoices raised



  • Will the system support multiple roles and user levels?
  • What if the company expands to different geographical regions?
  • Is there a way to track user activities within the system?
  • Need a simpler way to manager user accounts and access restrictions within the tool

Our Solution

  • Role based access management
  • Supports multiple roles
  • Supports multiple regions
  • User level based & region based data filtering
  • Easy to manage user accounts
  • Configurable quote items
  • Easy to manage modules
  • Built in audit logs

eSmart Features

  • eSmart is a user-friendly and highly scalable CRM solution for your growing business needs
  • Web-based application to support anytime anywhere access
  • Cloud ready hosted model solution for low-cost ownership
  • Rich intuitive dashboards to facilitate quick management decisions
  • Efficient tool for tracking leads to closure
  • Ability to create, assign and monitor leads
  • Ability to define various stages for leads and track them
  • Convert leads to projects
  • Track leads by categories, region or statuses
  • Built-in reports with advanced filters and smart search option
  • Get real-time updates on all leads, projects or tasks
  • Supports managing your domains or hosting accounts
  • Track payments received & invoices raised for projects
  • Role based user management system
  • Supports user level based and region based data filtering
  • Audit logs for tracking user activities within the system

eSmart Benefits

  • All in one tool to manage your leads, projects and tasks
  • Graphic rich dashboards with real time updates
  • Advanced filters to drill down every dashboard widget to view the specifics
  • All dashboards with quick export to excel option
  • Ability to define multiple filter criteria to narrow down your search
  • Get a quick snapshot view of cumulative sales of the year with month by month statistics
  • Track leads by region / sales team
  • Track project / job activities
  • Reminder alerts on pending tasks
  • Track invoices / payments received for each project
  • Built in audit logs to track user activities
  • Cloud ready hosted model solution to save costs in server and application maintenance
  • Low-cost subscription model to keep your OPEX less and receive maximum benefits
  • Receive free updates / patches without additional expenditure
  • Hassle free change in subscription plans as your business grows to derive full mileage from advanced features
  • Easy to integrate with your website to capture web leads

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