eAnalyzertm Loan Prediction – Overview

A predictive too powered by data science that helps save time and minimize risks, eAnalyzertm leverages the power of machine learning to reliably predict loan approval while providing recommendations to help improve the probability of securing a loan. Based on information collected from thousands of past loans, it analyzes key data elements from various sources (including loan application forms, bank statements, and credit reports) and compares them with vital factors (including average sales, average balance, and years of business operation).

Value Proposition
Oftentimes, it is difficult to qualify prospects. By vetting leads in advance, eAnalyzertm provides meaningful insights that help make crucial business decisions, enabling loan origination companies to concentrate their focus on qualified leads and identifying areas applicants can improve to make loan approval more likely. This reduces time and verifies results, leading to a more efficient, complete, and accurate decision-making process.

eAnalyzertm is based on a machine learning engine that uses predictive modeling to give you crucial information. It is constantly improving by gleaning data from new sources.

eAnalyzertm Leverages Data Science Technologies

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing


Predictive Analytics

How Does eAnalyzertm Work?

eAnalyzertm is a machine learning-powered solution for commercial lending companies. It rapidly predicts loan eligibility by using an artificial intelligence engine to evaluate financial statements and other underwriting criteria.

eAnalyzertm Key Functions

Using a training model based on 23,000 past loans, eAnalyzer predicts eligibility by automatically evaluating and pulling information from the loan application form, bank statements, and credit report.

OCR Scanning

Pulls information from loan application forms, bank statements, and credit reports


Considers many critical factors for evaluation - average sales, average balance, years of business operations etc.


Automatic Evaluation of Bank Statements


Thresholds and parameters can be set to your specifications


Shows probability of whether or not the loan will be approved

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