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eNoah’s data science services stem from our fruitful collaboration with leading Ivy League colleges such as IIT, a dedicated research facility where we brainstorm with scholars and professors, leading experts in their fields, to rapidly develop innovative new solutions.

Using these tools, our team of experienced analysts creates domain-focused solutions that meet client specific needs. We provide accurate and meaningful insights that will drive your business decisions, enabling you to maximize productivity with faster turnaround times and more efficient business processes.

Our solutions focus on extracting valuable and relevant data points from vast amounts of raw and unstructured information. These key insights help management make important business decisions that can help reduce customer churn, improve customer satisfaction, and find innovative new ways to strategize operations and optimize revenue.

eNoah’s R&D lab designs and develops new technologies and solutions to alleviate industry pains by leveraging cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, and predictive analytics. Our collaboration with Ivy Leauge colleges has produced time-tested and widely used solutions like DataLibre, eXtract+, eAnalyzer, and Smart Retail.

Data Science Tools

eNoah’s R&D has collaborated with Ivy League colleges to produce time-tested and widely used decision support systems (DSS) and solutions like:

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eNoah is a reputed global industry leader offering cutting-edge IT and business support services worldwide. eNoah has a twelve-hundred-man team, a global presence, and over thirteen years of experience across various industries.






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Data Science Solutions – Products

eXtract Plustm

eXtract Plustm is an intuitive tool that helps underwriters to make quick decisions that provide meaningful insights. eXtract Plustm leverages AI, ML, Predictive Analytics and Cognitive Computing to extract key data into meaningful data clusters and provides the ability to the underwriters to quickly zoom into relevant data to make decisions.

Key Functionalities:

  • Contextual Reference – Conditions with Related Medications, Medical Words, MIBs, Vitals, and Trends
  • Easy Navigation – Hyperlink to original medical record
  • Quick Preview Pane with 4-Line of Context
  • Any Word Search
  • Word Cloud
  • Data Export – Ability to quickly export the data as PDF or Excel
extract plus underwriting
eanalyzer loan prediction data science


eAnalyzertm is a machine learning-powered solution for commercial lending companies. It rapidly predicts loan eligibility by using an artificial intelligence engine to evaluate financial statements and other underwriting criteria.

Smart Retailtm

Smart Retailtm is an award-winning tool that, in collaboration with SAP Business One, helps retailers manage their resources and customers. It monitors customer traffic, product popularity, and other factors that provide analytics to help retailers maximize profit.

Smart Retailtm provides valuable results by integrating the input of the camera (sensory equipment) with SAP Business One Digital Transformation Platform.

smart retail data science

Data Libretm Package Solutions

DataLibretm is an open source platform for decision process automation, business intelligence, and analytics. Designed to support scalable architecture, it uses pre-configured components, consisting of horizontal and vertical stacks, to develop a customizable data analytics application.

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