Product Overview

The title insurance cycle can get complex most of the times, and you’re posed with TAT constraints and cost constraints at every step. You need at this point, a software for Title companies that understands their pain points, that can manage the end to end cycle for you and work efficiently with minimum supervision from your end.

eN-TitlePlus is a performance driven and cost effective title report software that comes with the following seamlessly integrated modules:


Order Entry for Title Reports

Customizable order entry screen – The only fields available will be the ones you really need


Abstractor Search for Title Report Preparation

User-friendly dashboard for Abstractors making the process of abstractor search easy and efficient.


Title Report Preparation

End-to-end Title report preparation made easy by auto-fill options, cleverly placed checkpoints to improve productivity and quality.


Order Entry for Commitment Reports

Customizable order entry screen – The only fields available will be the ones you really need.


Abstractor Search for Commitment Report Preparation

User- friendly dashboard for Abstractors making the process of abstractor search easy and efficient.p>


Commitment Report Preparation

End-to-end commitment report preparation made easy by auto-fill options, cleverly placed checkpoints to improve productivity and quality.


Policy Preparation

End-to-end policy report preparation made easy by auto-fill options, cleverly placed checkpoints to improve productivity and quality.</p


Document Repository

Easy to access document repository, access documents with the click of a button.


Reporting System

Efficient and intelligent reporting system, get reports in various combinations with graphical representations.

Title Insurance & Title Closing Software

You’re then en-Titled for our Title Production Software, eN-TitlePlus. The ultimate solution to all your order entry/file tracking/report preparation and reporting needs.

eN-TitlePlus is unique not just because it’s easy to tune to your needs, not because it has built in features that will accelerate your production, not because it’s been tested with the principles of Poka-Yoke in mind, it’s unique because it’s a Title Production & Closing Software that’s built with colossal inputs from giants in the Title industry.

With over 50+ Title experts having tested this tool to the tiniest detail possible, this Title Production & Closing Software will ensure that you have 20-30% increase in productivity. And that means more pressure on your sales guys to get more orders!



Find out more of about the key highlights of this smart tool.

  • Tested by 50+ Title experts, very user-friendly Title Closing Software.
  • Web based solution to eliminate dependency on expensive systems
  • Designed to hold huge amount of data and still deliver consistent high performance
  • Hassle-free features to aid every step and efficient look up functions
  • Option of Cloud storage
  • End to end title reports are created – Property Reports, Commitment Report, Policy and more.
  • Customizable Title Company software
  • Automatic e-mail delivery on completion of a milestone task
  • Real time premium calculator
  • Ability to extract the reports to Excel & PDF
  • Auto reporting service for repeated and periodical reports
  • Smart usage of repeated names at the relevant data fields
  • Secured technology allows a remote employee to work from home or any other office
  • Alta Forms integrated into the system
  • Ability to integrate plug-in
  • Smart dashboard – Know the progress of your production in a glance
  • Shortcuts to relevant websites inbuilt into the software
  • Easy to use Admin Console and User-Task matrix
  • Seamless workflow built into this Title Closing Software, with absolutely no bottlenecks.
  • Get custom reports based on your needs
  • Easy on the eye; the best screen design you can see in a Title Insurance Software

We offer more than a product, we offer our undivided attention to your problems.

  • Site-to-Site tunneling feature for Data Security
  • Expert technical support to resolve the issue in quick span of time
  • 24/7 technical support throughout the year
  • Toll-free number for support calls
  • Automatic software updates
  • Auto back-up facility as a part to aid Disaster Recovery plan

One product, but multiple pricing options? Yes! It’s possible.

  • Pay as you use model
  • No license cost per login
  • One time investment
  • Integrated service offering

Why eN-TitlePlus?

It would only make sense to have your experts spend more time in analysing reports and manage clients, than sit and prepare them. eN-TitlePlus – Our efficient Title Company Closing Software, thus ensures that it saves you legwork and only involves you in the high level of order generation.

This Real Estate Title Software makes sure that it satisfies the needs of every department of your company, and thereby by making sure there is comprehensive growth for your company.

 Challenges  Our Solution  Benefits
Operating from different branches.
Control and status updates becomes a headache.
Smart dashboards that are accessible on your handy devices. Focus on key issues on the go.
How do I increase my team’s productivity? Comprehensive reporting system. With our detailed breakdown you can easily identify where you can increase the productivity.
I wish there was a graphical representation of all my data for better understanding. All reports come in with graph option Get a better understanding of your raw data, see the real picture in a jiffy.
I wish I didn’t have to pay a bomb for each login. No license cost per login. Create as many logins as you require!
What if I want to track each and every activity and know who did what? Exhaustive log reports are available in a click. Addressing issues or root cause analysis becomes easy, as the reports cover the W’s – Who, What, When?
I need to pay even if I may not use the software for weeks. Use and Pay model option available, yes it’s true! No matter what the industry situation is, you will be safe-guarded from having to spend unnecessarily.
 Challenges  Our Solution  Benefits
I’m tired of keying the same information over and over again. Auto fill options and smart drop downs. Increase your productivity.
I’m bound to make mistakes while typing the legal. Upper, Lower, Proper case, Spell Check functions controls errors – Go ahead, try and make a mistake! Get neat and tidy reports.
My software is slower than me! Seamless work flow design. Even if you’re processing slowly, you’re still going to be ahead.
I find it hard to make some changes to the software when recent updates come in from the industry. Get in touch with our CSR. Changes get done ASAP, without too much time-consuming formalties.
I work odd hours, I have no one to fix my technical issues. We work 24*7. You can be assured of tech support no matter what day or time.
I tend to miss the flow when I resume an order after a break. Pause the module, and resume from wherever you stopped, even if you’re timed out. No need to re-work and have no fear of skipping modules accidentally.
Assigning orders to multiple users is a pain. Quick assign options. Orders are always on the move, with our easy assigning option, you can save a lot of time.
 Challenges  Our Solution  Benefits
Extranet access without compromising security. Site2site IP pointer facility Ensures high data security.
I need Database Analyst team to manage my data server engine. We give you three options – You can host it In-Premise, via cloud or have eNoah host it for you. Multiple options help you choose what is best for you without having to compromise.
 Challenges  Our Solution  Benefits
I wish I had a work flow system that prevents human errors as much as possible. 50+ Title experts have shared their lessons learned. Your accuracy level will shoot up.
Proofing is a time consuming activity as we have to navigate every keyed tab and fields. Smart screen design. Increase the efficiency of your proofer.
My team tends to miss major segments. Poka-Yoke methodology makes sure that you can only proceed if there is a proper completion of a segment. Ensures complete products.
Tracking errors is so time consuming. Neat techniques implemented to track errors and generate reports based on them. Know your weak areas in a jiffy.
Repeated errors while selecting addresses and stakeholder data. Master tables automatically pull the data ensuring that no errors are made. Safeguard yourself from liabilities occurring due to entering wrong stakeholder data.

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