Cyber Strategy and Governance

Cyber Strategy and Governance

eNoah’s team of information security experts analyzes strategic enterprise risks with a technology agnostic approach. Working from a wealth of global experience, we always take the relevant business objectives and technological portfolio into account, looking at the way the organization approaches new innovations in the services they deliver. A well-defined cyber strategy and governance model will strengthen process integrity, ensure compliance with industry-standard requirements, and improve customer satisfaction through system reliability – all of which will result in greater confidence from investors.

You can leverage our cyber strategy and governance support services to develop an organized cyber security risk package that will meet all the necessary requirements to be protected, observant, and robust.

Current State of Cyber Strategy and Governance

  • Cyber security is not handled as a separate portfolio, leading to dilution and tracking of flow of information by a responsible team of experts
  • Spreading information security awareness across multiple organizations leads to information leakage
monitoring-of-the assets-icon
  • Lack of defined process and asset monitoring

How We Can Help

eNoah’s cyber security teams aim to help businesses understand their risk exposure at all levels. Our service offerings show organizations how to stay up-to-date with the continuous technological advancements needed to counteract the increase in cyber-attacks

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