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eNoah is a certified Claris partner (CP) which was formerly FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA).

Our expert Claris FileMaker team has designed and built innovative workflow solutions that provide effective solutions to customers’ pain points.

Our experienced resources have designed systems for project management, enterprise resource planning and integration with SAP, event planning, inventory management, and student database management. We have also designed invoicing systems that integrate with QuickBooks.

Our projects have successfully integrated with external databases such as Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and MySQL. They have connected with multiple technologies, including Java, PHP, and Microsoft.

Our solutions are designed to suit your needs, ensuring ease of use, scalability, security, data protection, automation, and integration.

Our skilled integration specialists have successfully implemented Claris Connect, the integration platform to automate the real-time workflows. Claris Connect will interface between FileMaker and various web applications like Box, Google Drive, Outlook etc.

Key Success Areas:

  • Workplace innovation to address unique business challenges
  • Faster development than traditional methods
  • ISO 27001 and HIPAA certified

Integration & Customization

  • FileMaker solutions integrate with numerous data sources and various business applications using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Java Database Connectivity Technology (JDBC), REST API, and FileMaker Data API through Claris Connect.


  • eNoah’s robust IT solutions ensure scalability, reliability, and sustainability. We believe in making the data-sifting process easy, providing relevant information so you can focus on profit.

Some of Our Claris FileMaker Solutions

eNoah has built custom solutions across the entertainment, healthcare, financial services, transportation, manufacturing, asset management, and licensing industries. With a number of Fortune 500-level clients, as well as dozens of systems built for small and medium-sized businesses, our team of expert programmers can develop solutions for your company’s unique needs.

Taxonomy Management Tool that is metadata-focused

Archive Catalog Center with barcode integration

Website Usage Report with PHP, Java and, .NET plugins

Translation Resource Center

Asset Traceability Tool

MIS Report

eNoah’s ergonomic application user interface cuts the learning curve in half, ensuring fast turnaround time.


The trademark tracking process is tedious and time-consuming, requiring legal attorneys to manually sift through vast amounts of information. There is always the risk that a small error will lead to a wrong decision, necessitating intense cross-referencing to trace the mistake back to its source. Also, some form of file sharing is needed to track the complete details of every trademark lifecycle.

Trademark Tracker enables lawyers to quickly get a comprehensive view of their organization’s trademarks, allowing for greater efficiency and accuracy. It organizes data points by different criteria, such as classification information, good, services, codes, timeline, documents, objection, follow-up, and report module.

Customized FileMaker Application Features

Intuitive dashboard driven analysis

Contract Management integrated with NetDocuments files repository

Strong taxonomy application with attributes, terms, and association identification and mapping

Integration with barcode scanning technology

Email notification as a plug-in

Integration with multiple data sources such as Excel, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, etc.

Integration with active directory services

Differentiation of user or admin access in application through definition of role-based access

Why eNoah for FileMaker Application Development and Solutions?

Our 100% certified FileMaker development team derives a wide range of expertise from experience in project development for various industries, covering all possible FileMaker solutions, applications, and tasks. After developing FileMaker solutions for over 8 years, we can provide custom services in multiple languages (US English, UK English, and French).

Customer First

  • eNoah fosters a customer-centric culture driven by a passion for quality.


  • eNoah can instantly ramp up resources to meet your growing requirements.

Bundled IT & BPO Service Offering

  • eNoah’s consulting-driven, integrated offering of IT and BPO solutions guarantees swift application transition and development, preventing revenue leakage.

Expertise & Competence

  • eNoah’s certified, experienced FileMaker professionals are well-versed in the insurance, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, and entertainment domains.

Superior Design

  • Our team of competent experts ensures a scalable, robust design that optimizes price and lowers cost through automation, integration, and process improvement.


  • eNoah lowers cost with automated processes, a global delivery center, and a unique System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Faster Solution Development

  • eNoah adopts innovative methods to expedite software development. We have in-house tools, accelerators, templates, and reusable components ready to use, enabling us to spend less time building solutions and reduce cost.

Our custom FileMaker solutions are tailor-made to address your specific business problems by using end-to-end software development life cycle models. They will transform your process landscape.

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