Revenue Cycle Management

A customer-focused Revenue Cycle Management partner with over a decade of experience delighting clients, eNoah offers unique engagement models that fit your specific needs.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

A customer-focused Revenue Cycle Management partner with over a decade of experience delighting clients, eNoah offers unique engagement models that fit your specific needs.

Our team of competent & experienced specialists strives hard to deliver great quality in a timely & consistent manner. eNoah is HIPAA compliant & ISO 27001 Certified.

Revenue Cycle Management process

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Value Proposition

With years of productive efficiency under their belts, our teams perform revenue cycle management functions with laser precision, guaranteeing reliable results that allow our partners to achieve sustained growth by focusing on their core business functions and eliminating time and cost waste.

  • Reduce Cycle Time
  • Reduce Overhead
  • Reduce Cost
  • Improved Profitability
  • Improved Process Efficiency
  • Improved Cash flow

Unique Engagement Model

Most companies do not offer the singular attention and focus that eNoah’s specialized RCM professionals bring to the table. We employ powerful business intelligence tools to hone in and improve every aspect of your billing and collections efficiency.

Outcome Based Transaction Model
Mutually beneficial and outcome based approach. Outcome based transaction model will be a win-win situation for both the client and eNoah.
Fractional FTE at Attractive Cost
eNoah has tailor-made programs with partial resources who are trained for both business functions. You only pay for half FTE to handle the transactions.
Unique Engagement – Hybrid Model
If you have volumes beyond half FTE but less than full FTE, we have a unique engagement model that allows you to only pay for half FTE with transaction based pricing.

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eNoah – Your Extended Arm

  • We act as your extended arm
  • We work in your time zone
  • HIPAA and ISO 27001 compliant
  • Tailor-made services
  • High-quality results

eNoah’s Revenue Cycle Management Offerings

Patient Demographic Entry

Following an appointment at the doctor’s office, we complete the patient demographic entry by collecting and verifying the patient demographics received at the patient’s visit. In the event that the patient is already registered in the medical billing system, new information is verified with the existing data and changes are swiftly updated.

Implementation models:

  • Receive patient information from clients and billing offices
  • Verify the patient insurance information
  • Enter patient information in the billing system

Insurance Verification Process

The best way to get a claim paid on time is to conduct a proper insurance verification before the service is rendered.

  • Receive patient schedules via EDI, mail, or fax or check them every day in the appointment scheduling software.
  • Verify patient insurance coverage with primary and secondary payers by making calls to the payers and checking through their authorized online insurance portals. We contact patients for additional information if required.
  • Update billing system with eligibility and verification details such as member ID, group ID coverage period co-pay information and other benefits information.
  • In case of issues regarding patient eligibility, we inform the client immediately

Charge Entry Services

Our medical billing professionals enter charges based on standard medical billing rules pertaining to specialties, insurance carriers, and locations.. The charges are created within the agreed timeframe (generally, a 24 hour turnaround time). Our charge entry team is well trained to work with numerous software packages such as Misys Tiger, AdvancedMd, Practicemate, Practiceadmin, Ezclaim, SequelMed, Medisoft, Medtron, and MD Net.

  • Charges are entered into the client’s medical billing system based on account-specific rules.
  • Pending or held documents are sent to the client for clarification on a pre-determined schedule.
  • Final charges are audited by the quality team and the clean claims are filed.

Electronic Claim Submission

A crucial step in the medical billing process is Claims transmission. The claims contain sensitive information including patient data and insurance information. Claims transmission through electronic submission reduces processing delays and ensures high readability.

This guarantees that no claims are rejected due to illegibility. With electronic submission, the carrier confirmation report is also instantaneous, preventing any time delays due to transmission. Tracking claims has also become easier and claims can be corrected to avoid rejection.

Cash Posting

At eNoah, payments received from patients and insurance companies are posted to the patients’ accounts in the client’s billing system. The posted payments are balanced against the deposit slips to ensure accuracy. We also process electronic posting of payments into the billing software and ensure that the EOB (Explanation of Benefits) files are stored for future reference.

The payment posting team also checks for any underpayment being made to the accounts and moves the accounts to the accounts receivable team for reprocessing.

Denial Management

Denial Management is critical in the process of medical billing. Our dedicated denial management experts execute a thorough analysis of denied and underpaid claims to determine the reason behind the denial or underpayment.

Corrective measures are taken on the basis of the analysis without any time delay, and the claims are re-submitted for acceptance by the insurance provider. After re-submission, the denial management team regularly follows up on the claims with the insurance provider to track status and expedite the payment.

Accounts Receivable Management and Follow Up

Collection of receivable funds, is a challenging task. eNoah employs the industry’s proven and efficient professional and efficient strategies to recover receivables and also excels in converting aged AR receivables into collections through effective follow-up with insurance providers. Dedicated AR callers follow up with patients to get missing patient information by sending emails, notices, or making phone calls.

    Our Accounts Receivable management solutions also include the following optional services:

  • Handling of refunds
  • Secondary claims filing
  • Insurance and Patient follow-up
  • Handle appeals for contested claims
  • Generate and mail patient statements
  • Index documents to patient accounts
  • Prepare customized management reports

Patient Billing

Insurance companies may apply a portion of the allowed amount to patient responsibilities such as Co-Pay, Coinsurance, and Deductibles. Our billing professionals review accounts which have an outstanding balance after insurance payments and print patient receipts in the client system.

As per the client’s requirements, we perform small balance adjustments, bad debt adjustments, sending discount letters, and courtesy adjustments.

Medical Coding Services

Our certified coders provide a key step in the medical billing process, assigning appropriate codes by reviewing the documentation received from the physician’s office. We understand that medical coding is a vital process in medical billing. Proper coding is critical to reducing Insurance denials and increasing revenue. Read more

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