Loan Underwriting Services

With years of experience in the financial industry and numerous areas of expertise, eNoah can enable lenders to optimize productivity and streamline costs.

Loan Underwriting Services

eNoah’s end-to-end understanding of the intricacies of consumer and commercial underwriting processes, coupled with a broad spectrum of support services, enable financial institutions to scale for growth and improve profit margins. With years of experience in the financial industry, eNoah can provide numerous expertise that enable lenders to optimize productivity and streamlines costs.

By outsourcing processing tasks to eNoah, your critical staff can focus on value-added functions that directly fuel business growth, while eNoah takes care of your back-office support tasks.

We provide services across the lending value chain, from origination and fulfillment to secondary marketing and servicing.

Pre-Underwriting Services

Business & Commercial Lending

eNoah iSolution provides pre-underwriting services for leading financial services companies.

eNoah lending specialists can input, update, and validate borrower and guarantor details, banking information, financial statements, and credit score information. Information can be input directly in your system, or analysts can prepare a completed documents folder for your underwriters. eNoah can carry out the entire pre-underwriting process with professional expediency and precision while reducing your costs.

The eNoah iSolution infrastructure and process is HIPAA, GLBA, and ISO 27001 compliant and operates in a secure environment. Your clients’ personally identifiable information is securely protected.

eNoah’s professional and courteous Pre-Underwriting service specialist team is comprised of qualified graduates in finance discipline. Our analysts are experienced professionals with backgrounds serving some of the fastest growing financial services company in the US.

eNoah’s turnaround time for the vast majority of underwriting tasks is two business hours, depending on the complexity of the job. Almost 98% of the orders are completed during the same business day. Day-end orders are delivered before start of next business day.

Communication with your analysts is seamless, as your eNoah analysts will work whatever business hours are best for your business. Analysts can communicate via online chat, email, and phone whenever needed.

Underwriting Process Steps

  • Client notifies eNoah via email that order/deal has arrived, either through an automated system notification, email, or chat.
  • Client shares a system or standardized format for eNoah to utilize to carry out Pre-Underwriting process.
  • Client provides all applicant documents (bank statements, tax returns & loan application) to eNoah on the work flow tool.
  • eNoah team verifies the business information & owner information by pulling SOS data, credit reports, and other public record reports.
  • eNoah will complete a detailed analysis of banking information according to the client’s specifications including, but not limited to, Opening/Closing balance, Deposits, Withdrawals, Negative days, OD fees, Daily balances etc.
  • eNoah will spread business tax return and financial system data
  • eNoah can pull OFAC and Experian credit reports and input the details including Liens, UCC filings, Judgments, Bankruptcy, FICO score etc.
  • eNoah can also summarize results of the review for the underwriters.
  • eNoah will follow-up with the client in cases of any missing documentation, and will organize and name all provided documents.

eNoah can complete Pre-Underwriting process described above within 2 business hours with 100% accuracy. eNoah can also complete any additional steps related to data entry or process-work as specified by clients.

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New Business Acquisition

  • Inbound/outbound inquiries
  • Lead generation & pre-qualification
  • Research support services

Collateral Ordering & Review

  • Credit reports
  • Property reports
  • Title Reports
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Mortgage insurance
  • Appraisal reports
  • Site inspections
  • Flood, hazard & other reports

Pre Underwriting & Closing Support

  • Credit evaluation
  • Collateral evaluation
  • Summary & pre-underwriting decisions
  • Doc prep & closing support
  • Post closing services
  • Due diligence services

Settlement Services

  • Title agency production
  • Closing agency production
  • Vendor management support
  • Flood zone reports
  • Appraisal services

Servicing Collections Maintenance

  • Early and overdue collection calls
  • Asset management
  • Overdue payments processing
  • Accounting and reconciliation
  • Investor reporting

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