eAPS Medical Summarization Tool

eAPS – Medical Records Summarization Tool

The medical record summarization process plays a crucial role in the insurance industry. As a very difficult, knowledge-based job, it can only be performed by seasoned resources. Moreover, it is a time-consuming process even for those with years of experience, who still run the risk of being tripped up by common errors that lead to additional quality control. When dealing with complex terminology and massive amounts of medical data, it is easy to make small mistakes that have big repercussions.

eAPS is a flexible and customizable tool that makes the summarization process significantly easier for underwriters, allowing them to generate accurate summaries in a timely fashion and positively impact cycle time. The tool does the heavy lifting to prioritize quickness and accuracy, allowing less experienced resources to deliver good quality output with minimal training.

  • eAPS is designed to minimize human error by using poka-yoke error-proofing methods. Instead of free text entry fields, where typos can be easily made, eAPS offers drop down menus whenever possible.
  • eAPS was developed by people familiar with the summarization process. Its thorough knowledge repository is based on experience accumulated over a decade in the industry.
  • Because of its intuitive workflow (also based on in-depth familiarity with the process), eAPS is user-friendly and easily scalable, minimizing the amount of time needed to train new resources.

eAPS also adds value by providing data that can be leveraged by analytics to result in better decision-making. It standardizes summaries in a format of your choosing for easy reference and makes them searchable, enabling you to quickly look through completed summaries to find sections of pertinent data and arrive at meaningful insights.

Solution Benefits

Flexible Easy to use User Interface

Flexible Easy to use User Interface

eXtract Plus - Scan Medical Records

Accurate Medical Summaries by Reducing Human Errors

Reduce Cycle Time

Improve Cycle Time

quality assurance

Consistent Quality Output with Minimal Training

eXtract Plus Search Data

Data Analytics with Meaningful Insights

A Quick Glance

Input Capture

Input Capture

  • Select forms from drop-down menus to collate information
  • Specific fields help separate information to be used for analytics
  • Drop-down values in menus such as “Conditions” and “Medications” help to ensure quality output
Collating Information

Collating Information

  • Drop down menus to select forms to collate information
  • Specific fields helps to split information and use it for analytics
  • Drop down values in “Conditions”, “Medications” help a quality output
Medical History

Medical History

  • Avoid mistakes with quick review and data augmentation
  • Lab report forms are structured to validate abnormal values
  • Highlight and review all information related to family history and risk
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

  • Effective risk assessment with all parameters in one grid
  • Display assessments in order based on your priorities
  • Well-defined and structured summary ensures accurate risk assessment

Engagement Model

Choose from our flexible engagement models that best suit your security and IT policies.

On-Premise Licence to Use Model

On-Premise Licence to Use Model

  • Some clients prefer application to be hosted in their environment, in accordance with their security and IT policies. Our On-premise License model allows for the tool tol be hosted in client’s data center/server.
  • eNoah will provide application support and share recommendations on prerequisites and hardware recommendations.
Subscription Model – AWS North America Hosting

Subscription Model – AWS North America Hosting

  • eAPS is also available on subscription model.
  • The tool will be hosted in eNoah’s AWS North America Cloud
    Security Configuration:
    • Configured security measures include – protection against denial of service attacks, SSL, AWS security groups,segregation of application and database server, VAPT Scans (Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing), and elastic load balancer

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