Medical Record Summarization

Medical Record Summarization

eNoah is a leader in the niche sector referred to as APS or Medical Record Summary Services in the US insurance industry. Over the years, our expert Attending Physician Statement Summary team has earned a reputation as the best at providing concise distillations of the information found in a patient’s medical records.

Attending Physician Statement Summarization Services (APS Summaries)

A key step in the underwriting process of the life insurance industry is the summary of the Attending Physician Statement. The APS captures the critical health concerns of an insurance policy applicant to determine their risk threshold. The volume and complexity of generating APS medical summaries places an enormous burden on already overtaxed underwriting departments, often creating huge backlogs. This delays the quote, costing the client heavy losses in revenue and time.

  • At eNoah, our APS department is completely focused on accuracy, quality, timely turnaround, and consistency.
  • We have an impeccable track record of providing reliable medical record summary services and medical record review services to American companies.
  • Our highly trained and experienced paramedical professionals are experts at extracting, analyzing, and summarizing critical information. Our goal is simple: to increase our clients’ profitability. Our APS team follows stringent internal auditing guidelines to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.
  • eNoah offers comprehensive medical summary, simple narrative medical summary and medical chronology summary based on client requirements.
  • We also offer Medical Record Retrieval and Review Services to American BGAs.

Types of Medical Record Summary Services We Deliver

  • Comprehensive Medical Summary – Detailed medical record summary with an in-depth view of relevant information by extensively reviewing the patient medical records and history
  • Medical Chronology Summary and Timelines – A detailed timelines of medical events captured in a medical record by reading and reviewing hundreds of pages to find relevant information.
  • Simple Narrative Medical summary – Similar to medical chronologies that capture and highlight key medical events and most pertinent information in a narrative format
  • Deposition Medical Summary – Hours of deposition testimony summarized as brief but comprehensive relevant information clearly and in a few words.
  • Annotated index Summary – Overview of medical records with a short description of events and dates of service
  • Medical Opinions – To identify if there is any negligence/malpractice involved by reviewing the patient’s medical records and documents
  • Medical Records Sorting and Summary & Indexing, Collation, and Pagination
  • Medical Chart Review – Pain Medication Chart, Pain and Suffering Chart, Graphical Timeline/Timeline cover-sheet, Billing Summary
  • Hyper-Linking or Hot Links for easy navigation within the electronic medical record to quickly access important highlights and medications

Why Outsource Medical Summary Services to eNoah

Benefits of outsourcing medical summarization – These are our unique value proposition why clients are outsourcing medical record summaries to eNoah.


Our Biggest Selling Points:

20 Years of Experience in US Life Insurance, Legal and Healthcare Industry

  • eNoah’s APS Medical Record Summary practice is led by a senior executive professional with over 20 years of experience in the US life insurance industry who understands your needs and works closely with our team to quickly deliver the highest quality summaries.


Experienced team medical records review specialists

  • Our team of rigorously trained medical record review specialists, coming from underwriting and medical backgrounds, have significant experience in the specifics of medical terminology, chronological sorting, reviewing, note taking, annotating gaps and indecipherable entries, verifying duplicative entries/records, and spotting patterns and inconsistencies.
  • They are also completely up-to-date with evolving industry terminology.


Certifications & Accreditation

  • Our integrated business excellence framework meets ISO9001-2000, ISO 27001, and HIPAA requirements, ensuring the best practices in business management and information security.
quality assurance

Quality, Accuracy, Consistency, and Economy

  • Very strict quality standards, training regimens, and audit schedules ensure the quality and reliability of data.
  • Our customized summaries meet the specific and varied needs of different clients.


Quick Turn Around Time

  • 48-hour turnaround time and priority 12-hour turnaround time for urgent cases
  • In-depth knowledge of copy service and various types of special authorization
  • 6-sigma tools guarantee reliable summaries with consistent quality


Cost Savings

  • Significant savings in process cost
  • Better utilization of your high-value resources
    Improved Profitability

    Improved Profitability

    Improved Process Efficiency

    Improved Process Efficiency

    Improved Cash flow

    Improved Cash Flow

    Reduce Cycle Time

    Reduce Cycle Time

    Reduce Cost

    Reduce Cost

    Key Tools

    eXtract Plus – Medical Records Review Tool

    eXtract+ is an intuitive tool that helps underwriters to make quick decisions that provide meaningful insights. eXtract Plus leverages AI, ML, Predictive Analytics and Cognitive Computing to extract key data into meaningful data clusters and provides the ability to the underwriters to quickly zoom into relevant data to make decisions.

    Key Functionalities:

    • Contextual Reference – Conditions with Related Medications, Medical Words, MIBs, Vitals, and Trends
    • Easy Navigation – Hyperlink to original medical record
    • Quick Preview Pane with 4-Line of Context
    • Any Word Search
    • Word Cloud
    • Data Export – Ability to quickly export the data as PDF or Excel
    extract plus underwriting
    Medical Summary Tool

    eAPS – Medical Record Summarization Tool

    eAPS is a flexible and customizable medical summary tool that makes the summarization process significantly easier for underwriters to generate accurate APS medical summaries with quick cycle time.

    Solution Benefits

    • Addressing operational concerns
    • Optimize Performance Standardized Output Delivered by Application
    • Strong master data Governance ensures good quality
    • Significantly reduce human intervention and increasing accuracy
    • Increase reliability of data output

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