Cloud Security Audits

Cloud Security Audits

As technology innovations happen every organization wants to move the services to cloud to have better access with excellent performance, optimizing the hardware costs. Our Cloud audit service is a specialized service to verify the applications, services hosted in cloud environments are secure from both infrastructure, data and application perspective.


AWS Cloud Audits

eNoah’s cloud audit specialists will be helping in doing AWS audits periodically to validate the security configurations implemented meet the required security standards and are also in line with the companies’ security benchmarks. An independent AWS security audit gives you an opportunity to identify unwanted IAM users, roles, groups, and policies, and to make sure that your users and software have only the permissions that are required.

Our Audit Reports help the customer to Validate:

  • Security implementation status across various deployments done in AWS
  • Aws Awareness on the security happenings within the organizations
  • Compliance based on the configurations made in AWS

AZURE Cloud Audits:

Using our global experience our azure security audit helps us to look at using an extensive array of security configurations that are provided by Microsoft and help us coming up with all the required standards by doing an exhaustive audit based on industry standard recommendations and also identifying the gaps in the implementation in configuring, logging based on defined security policies and mechanisms.

Our outcomes of the security audit will help the teams to:

  • Identify the current status of implementations and what has to be done to meet the industry standard recommendations
  • Look at the compliance index based on the standard azure controls

Cloud Security Audit Process


1. Understand Cloud Security Model

  • We understand the client’s infrastructure by conducted elicitation sessions to get a clear understanding of the deployments done in the cloud

2. Analyse the deployment model

  • Based on the understanding we will do a analysis based on the industry recommended standards on the way the deployments are done in the cloud environments

3. Validate the security controls in the hardware setups

  • Using an exhaustive checklist to validate the implementations under defined categories

4. Compliance Score Evaluation Recommediations

  • A detailed category wise compliance score is calculated and shared with the clients
  • Based on the validation we arrive at the findings and also proposed recommendations

eNoah’s Unique Engagement Model


Fractional FTE at Attractive Cost

  • eNoah has tailor-made programs with partial resources trained for both business functions. You pay for only half FTE to handle the transactions.
Hybrid Model

Hybrid Model

  • If volumes are between half FTE and full FTE, our unique engagement model enables clients to pay for only half FTE with transaction-based pricing.
Transactional Model

Transactional Model

  • Our mutually beneficial, outcome-based transactional model will be a win-win situation for both the client and eNoah.
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