Commission Accounting & Reporting

Commission Accounting & Reporting

eNoah has specifically developed a commission accounting system to support the hierarchies and workflow of an IMO, coupled with resources to set up commission schedules and hierarchies. This covers reconciliation, reporting, data import from carriers, data exports to distributors, and tracking commission payouts.

Our unified platform has workflow and access controls that can integrate with scan/index systems, payment processing systems, and document management systems. This self-service portal has user-configured parameters to add new firms and offices during expansions, helping to centralize the back-office processing of commission calculation, commission payments, corporate finance reporting, forecast analysis, dashboards, and commission statements.

This platform also provides multiple portal views to support the needs of back office, finance, and field offices. The portal is designed to integrate completely into your current infrastructure with SSO and an external integration with Ebix SmartOffice data feeds.

Industry Familiarity / Distribution Ecosystem

Management Insight:

  • With years of experience in financial services, our management team has deep insights into distribution needs and challenges.

Experience in Designing Commission Systems

  • We have successfully designed many custom-built solutions tailored to address unique challenges and align with IT integration and business road maps.

Commission Support Services:

  • We currently provide business process services to various BGAs that benefit from our commission support.

Customer Success Stories

Large Insurance Brokerage Agency

Large Insurance Brokerage Agency

  • Client is a US-based insurance brokerage and risk management services firm. Established in 1927, it is one of the largest insurance brokers in the world, with operations in 49 countries. Through a network of correspondent brokers and consultants, it offers its services in more than 150 countries around the globe.
National Insurance IMO

National Insurance IMO

  • Client is a national insurance marketing organization that distributes and services insurance and retirement products through a variety of platforms. Since its inception, the client has grown double digits, and has definitive plans to continue doing so for many years to come.

eNoah’s Analytics Solution for Commission – Dashboard View

Commission Revenue Tracking Report

  • Integration with financial institution platforms
  • Build specific XML data per proprietary payload requirements
  • Supports API integration with industry solutions

Detailed Analysis Commissionable Premium

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