Data Migration Services

Data Migration Services

eNoah has a dedicated Data Migration Team which provides high-quality end-to-end solutions for all your Data Migration requirements.

eNoah has extensive experience in building and supporting large and complex system projects including ERP and DBMS consolidation and migration. We provide high-level professional expertise on standard tools, processes and methods in the field of Data Migration and consistently apply the best industry practices and management methods.

Our highly experienced Consultants ensure that the most important asset of your business, your data, is protected securely while we move it seamlessly to your new application.

eNoah’s Data Migration processes cover all the required steps to cleanse, correct and move the data into a new system. Technological changes, change in providers, software updates or data warehousing / data mining projects make such delicate and critical operations necessary.

When you entrust your Data Migration to eNoah we take care to provide the best Data Cleansing and Data Enrichment services so that your new application runs smoothly.

With eNoah taking care of your data migration needs, you can rest assured your business is in good hands!

Data Migration Benefits

  • Reduce Risk – Data is any organization’s most vital business asset.It is essential that any operation on data is carried out without disruption. Our vast experience with critical projects and carefully designed migration plans help migrate legacy data with ease and break down migration complexity to manageable projects/milestones, thus ensuring risks are mastered.
  • Lower Downtime – Data migration is a one-off activity triggered by point circumstances. Our solutions and services help the client’s resources remain focused on their core activities while we prepare for and rehearse the migration. This extensive preparation and testing helps us minimize downtime, efficiently managing the Business Impact caused while we accomplish the Final Migration.
  • Improve Data Quality – Our refinement and improvement Techniques ensure perfect integrity after data has been migrated. We provide Data Cleansing and Data Enrichment services which improve the Quality of your data, giving you more opportunities to mine your data and generate Business Critical Reports.
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