Hemadri Venkatesan

Associate Director

Life Insurance - APS

An accomplished professional with a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. Over my 16 years at eNoah, I have had the privilege of advancing from a trainee to my current role as Associate Director.

Educational Background and Certifications:
I hold Master’s in MBA Project Management, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication. Additionally, I am a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt holder and hold certifications in Modern Applied Psychology, NLP, CBT, and in Hypnotherapy. These qualifications have equipped me with a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of both technical and managerial aspects. I am a proud Sainik cadet too.

Career Progression and Achievements:
Had successfully managed multiple projects, consistently delivering high-quality results and contributing to the company’s overall success. One of my key contributions was, played a key role in the establishment of night shifts at BCP sites in Indore and Coimbatore, a critical initiative that significantly enhanced our operational capabilities.

Recognition and Client Appreciation:
I take great pride in being recognized with the eNoah Chairman Award, the highest honour within the company, in acknowledgment of my exceptional contributions. Additionally, I have been instrumental in fostering strong client relationships, resulting in appreciations and significant business growth. My commitment to delivering exceptional results has been reflected in the trust and confidence placed in me by the clients I have served.

Leadership and Team Management:
In my role, I have had the privilege of leading and managing over 150 associates across multiple locations. By nurturing a collaborative and high-performing team culture, I have played a pivotal role in driving our collective success.

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