Nirmalraj C

Associate Director

APS Retrieval services

Nirmal is a proficient Associated director with over 18 years of experience in sales, marketing, lead generation & APS retrieval services for high-profile customers in the USA and Canada regions.

Versatile Leader focused on team building and talent development driven to suppress company goals while thriving in deadline-driven environments. Managed multiple outsourcing projects per year. Conducted due diligence analysis and incorporated findings by creating a project plan and a business case to support the move of each work stream reviewed.

Recognized for strength in providing end-to-end record retrieval service for insurance, claims, and litigation customers. Successfully handled 10+ complex projects associated with more than 50 insurance carriers & law firms. His effective project management always leads to exceeding customers’ service level goals, skilled at leading large teams.

He adapted to automation, future tools and technology. Developed an order management workflow for APS retrieval which is being used for existing business, and played a substantial part in automation projects. He holds an MBA in production & operations.

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