Lacy Witte

Vice President

APS Retrieval Operations

Lacy has been in the insurance services industry for 17 years. She previously worked at EMSI (Examination Management Services, Inc.), one of the largest service providers for the industry in the U.S. She resides in Texas with her husband and two daughters.

Highlights: Lacy began her career in medical record retrieval operations, but quickly moved into sales support and account management, where she assisted the development and growth of the Brokerage Services Division. After a brief stint as an IT BA, responsible for UAT of a newly launched ordering platform, she returned to her passion of managing operations as a supervisor of the Brokerage Services Division. Soon after, she was promoted to manager of Insurance and Brokerage Services and eventually to Vice President of Operations for Insurance, Claims, Legal, Health, and Brokerage Services.

Lacy managed call centers in various locations across the U.S. to support international teams. Based on her wide range of experience, she has a unique understanding of the medical record retrieval process and a consultative approach when it comes to supporting clients’ needs. She leverages her in-depth knowledge to lead innovations in the medical record retrieval industry, collaborating with vendor partners to develop efficient ways to positively impact cycle times.

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