Mohan Shankar

Chief Information Security Officer

Information Security and Quality

Mohan is a result-driven Process Excellence, Quality Assurance, and Information Security management professional with over 19 years of experience in information security, risk management, process implementation, and testing management. As a seasoned executive with sound reasoning and analytical abilities, Mohan has a wide range of skills pertaining to delivery, release, and project management. He is an accomplished IT Project Management professional with a successful track record and more than a decade of experience delivering IT solutions that leverage global delivery models.

Mohan has a variety of professional certifications, including but not limited to CISA, Certified Ethical Hacking, Forensic Investigation, PRINCE2, and ITIL. He is ISO 27001-certified for lead implementation, auditing, and business continuity management, and is also an ISO-certified Lead Auditor for Information Security Management. Mohan has served as a single point of contact for all activities related to quality control and quality assurance, and he has achieved huge success in the implementation and delivery of project management initiatives. He has worked on bridging processes during acquisitions, helping to define unified models for development and delivery.

Mohan has championed various initiatives across different organizations, helping them leverage automation to reduce cycle time and improve efficiency. He is trained in Capability Maturity Model Integration, a unique model for software initiatives. He is deeply interested in the entire software development and project life cycle and he has a knack for communicating with both peers and senior management.

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