Stacey Paulson


Insurance Services

Stacey has been in the insurance services industry for 20 years. She previously worked at Diversified Brokerage Services, Inc., one of the largest national brokerage agencies in the U.S. She resides in Minnesota with her husband and two daughters.

Highlights: Stacey began her career as a Brokerage Assistant and quickly moved up to become a Brokerage Case Manager, Team Leader, and Senior New Business Manager. She assisted with the restructuring of the New Business Department and led up to three teams for application entry, case management, and policy issuance. In her final role, she led two Case Management teams and handled Carrier and Vendor Relations. Working in these positions gave her a comprehensive look at nearly all aspects of the life of an application, from presale and new business administration to underwriting and in-force services.

Stacey also served on several Carrier Operational Boards and Committees and participated in pilots where she contributed to process efficiencies and new innovations with carrier and vendor partners. In these roles, she gained insights into the needs of Brokerage and Direct Agency distribution as well as the Carrier and Vendor market space.

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