Medical Exam Quality Assurance

Medical Exam Review

eNoah’s experienced professionals are expertly trained in providing accurate medical exam paperwork to large insurance companies”

Quality Assurance of Medical Exams

Issuance of the policy depends on accurate information being provided in a timely manner to the insurance carriers on the exams performed. Our stringent review process authenticates the accuracy of the exams done and ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

Communication About Medical Exams

  • Details of appointment to examiners
  • Follow up on appointment status with examiners
  • Update the status of appointments

Quality Review of Medical Exam Documents

eNoah receive exam reports and review for correctness, comments on personal habits, proper formats and completion of all data in the forms. The client gets 100% audited documents that is presented to Insurance Company.

  • Receive documents through online fax / mail
  • Review documents
  • Upload the reviewed documents
  • Follow up with examiner if documents are not in order

Revenue Recovery Process

  • Follow up with insurance carriers for revenue recovery
  • Follow up with examiner / copy service / agent / case manager for incomplete / incorrect information
  • Chargeback the examiner, if the details are incomplete / incorrect

eNoah ADVANTAGE – Training and Knowledge

  • eNoah’s Team Associates in the medical exam QA Process are thoroughly trained by Certified Medical Professionals
  • Our Associates have extensive knowledge of insurance-specific Paramedical forms, and other relevant lab forms.
  • Compared to other companies offering this service, eNoah offers a much quicker turnaround time – We review & upload paperwork within 12 hours guaranteed
  • Significant savings in process cost
  • Better utilization of clients’ high-value resources
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